S 42 Background Check Expansion

This bill once again does nothing to prevent crime. It only restricts the law abiding citizen by placing unrealistic restrictions on them. Once more the Democrat party is pushing to disarm the the public and dismantle the US Constitution.
As a law abiding gun owner I am so restricted by this type legislation if it were to pass that I could no longer enjoy a sport I do. I cannot teach firearm safety or educate our younger generations on history and our past without Big Brother over my shoulder.
OPPOSE this onslaught of the US Constitution and our rights as a legal gun owners.


This piece of trivial fluff only affects the lawful purchase by lawful buyers that do not contribute to the skewed, distortion of politicians and alleged news media. A more “as usual” proposition without real merit.


Gentleman both of you are correct

Start making your own
While you still can

Recently I had a very nasty boating accindent while I was transporting my wares and lost it all


I long took pride in this. But not a goal I aspire to these days. The time for compliance is over.