S 693 POW/MIA Flag flying

Although presented by Elizabeth Warren this is a good bill.
To amend title 36, United States Code, to require that the POW/MIA flag be displayed on all days that the flag of the United States is displayed on certain Federal property.

More needs to be done however.
I wrote my Reps and Senators with the following message as well:

Is anything being done about the Democrats replacing the POW/MIA flags at their office with transgender rainbow flags?
A House Resolution condemning this should be brought up and voted on.
This is a slap in the face of the brave men and women who fought and died for this country and something needs to be expressed referring to this.
Adding another pole and rainbow flag would have been somewhat appropriate.
But replacing the POW/MIA flag should have brought an aggressive response from others in the House and Senate as well.


Well now, Pocahontas finally did something right. I fly a POW/MIA flag


She is demonrat lying scum c*** - mortal enemy of law abiding firearm owners.

She is just pandering and anyone that can’t see it - don’t get it.

Burn the motherfathering lefturd democrap RICO gang down.


100% agree she is scum and dirt.
But if she is going to F’up and do something right then lets take advantage of it.
Then crush her like a bug later on.


Also remember she is running for the President in the democratic Primary, so she is likely to say anything even if she does not believe what she is saying.

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