S.Res. 110 A resolution keeping guns out of classrooms.

This resolution essentially bans guns in schools by pulling Federal Funding schools cannot afford to lose.
This would negate any laws passed by states that allow carry in schools (Such as Utah).
Shall we just open our schools to the mentally ill by advertising there are no firearms in the school other than in the possession of law enforcement officers assigned to that school?
Already proven to be at best a gamble if the LE will respond or hide as in Parkland?
Oppose this nonsense and bring safety back to our children.


He almost closed his gene pool with that shot, during a gun safety class: :astonished:

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If I was still having kids they would be home schooled.
Reading, Wrighting, The Constitution, History and the role of guns in history. Sure as hell wouldn’t be a gun free zone.

I’d rather have kid protected while they’re learning as opposed to vulnerable while being indoctrinated.