S&W 500 care


I was looking around and trying to find the best method to do maintenance on a Smith & Wesson 500 it’s still obviously and have to keep polish for me I use Magnum polish but I was wondering other than doing the hand and cloth My Fit do anyone here use a buffer will to bring out the shine also let anyone know who does a restoration prices to remove the cylinder line that comes with wear and tear. The last thing I can think of right now is who does Machining work to make the cylinder be acceptable for Moon clips ?


for reference


The stuff I use is call flitz I think.



Have you thought about having Smith & Wesson doing the work you want done? They may charge more, but would (probably, at least), do it right.

How many rounds do you think you have shot thru your S&W 500?


Flitz works very well
And I’d send it back to smith to have the work done unless you know a compentent pistol smith
That has worked in them before
Smith has great customer service


I think i have about 300+ rounds through it.

I’ve thought about sending it back to them. haven’t seen any work they offer to do a new coat and milling.



Might be worth a phone call to them to see if they would be willing to do what you need done.

Good luck, either way.


thank you I’ll check them out


MikeBlack47, give TK customs a look see, they may be able to help you out with the machine for your moon clips.


I looked into them and they do not make moon clips for the 500 magnum :frowning: but I found another company that does tho.