S&W 629-1

Tell me all the particulars about the 629-1. What changes were made to create a new model, how long was it made before being replaced by the 629-2, what are they worth, and so forth. I was able to pick this one up today for $950. First thing I did afterwards was order one of Simply Rugged’s excellent sourdough model pancake holsters. Next is to find some original stocks or else service stocks for it. Trigger pull is excellent, so nothing to do there, therefore after the stocks swap I’ll be testing it and sighting it.


Good choice. Rob and Simply Rugged have supported our Elmer Keith shoot over the years. Good people and good products. I have a 629 Classic but would have to google the differences.


I’ve been buying from Rob since he was in Alaska. Always gotten first rate stuff from him.


So far, differences I’ve noticed are the pretty obvious two, no pinned barrel and no recessed cylinder.

I used to own a mountain gun in 44 mag, but let someone talk me out of it years ago, and I’m just now getting around to replacing it with this 629-1. I must say, I liked the profile of the mountain gun better, with its tapered barrel, but this one will still do, just fine.


I had mine gone over, set the barrel in one turn and pinned, re- worked forcing cone, matched a second cylinder and crane, lots of internal stuff, the old boy did a fantastic job. The non-pinned models use a tapered thread like a pipe thread to get away with not pinning.