S&W 66 revolver (new)

Hi! I’m brand new to the channel. Getting away from you-tube. Looking at a new S&W 66 revolver. I’m reading that it has a two piece barrel. Don’t know what this is. Any help? Does it affect accuracy or longevity?
Thanks, Tunnels

Not really sure as I don’t follow the newer Smith’s. I do have a 66-1 with a 2.5" barrel, pinned and no stupid lock.

I can only assume that they may have a liner similar to their alloy line of revolvers for ease of manufacturing.

Thanks. Did not know that S&W did this with other revolvers.

I had the 66-8 with the 2 piece barrel and didn’t have any problems, but the ball crane lock up was kind of funky. They changed the ball dent lock up was changed on the newer 2 3/4" barrel models which I suspect may be a better design?

look for an old 66. It will be more expensive, but worth it. I have 66 no dash, and 66-1. the trigger is much better then at my Performance Center ones.

I have the 2.75" 66-8 with the two-piece barrel. I also have a 66-2 4" (my last issued duty revolver before we went to bottom feeders) and 66-2 3". While I love the 66-2 models, I prefer the 66-8 for it’s durability. This revolver was extremely accurate out of the box. Due to improvements in design and metallurgy, is is reported to be significantly stronger than the earlier models and should have no problems with a steady diet of .357 magnum. I have, however, removed and plugged the lock.

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