S&W M&P 2.0 Thoughts

I picked up a 5 in 2.0 FDE and although I didn’t initially care for the feel of the aggressive texture, the first time I shot it my opinion changed instantly. Before this the only M&P I owned was the Shield which has been my EDC for about 4 years. Until I got the M&P 2.0 my personal top shooter was the VP9 followed by the Arex ReX Zero 1s. With that being said, Upon shooting the 2.0 for the first time I immediately looked at my Shield and was thinking “They really need to make these changes to the 9mm Shield and also create their version on the G19”. A few months later and my wish came true on both accounts and I couldn’t be happier. The thing is when the 2.0 line was announced initially, I had zero excitement and was not feeling any of the “hype”. To be honest I only picked up the 5in 2.0 because I had a little money to blow and I thought the gun looked great and on top of that I picked it up for $425 when it first came out due to a dealer typo in an add which they honored. The changes made in the 2.0 line have inspired me to set a goal to buy each offering Smith has with their 2.0 pistols. I was not a Smith fan by any stretch of the imagination before the 2.0 was released other than the Shield which I think handled itself well for its small size, but I have to admit I’m now a huge fan of their 2.0 line. Sure there are lots of nice guns out there along with many mods, but there’s something to be said for an out of the box stock pistol that just feels right. Has anyone else had the same impression of the 2.0s? I know that pistol preference and perceived “shootabiliy” is often in the hands of the shooter and what works for them individually, but was anyone else pleasantly surprised with the latest M&Ps?


I was surprised to see how well it did in MAC’s torture testing. Have not experienced on in person yet.
I’m looking for a new pistol myself. The VP9 fits my hand amazingly. I’m most interested in the Rex though…how does that fit you compared to the H&K?

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I love the ReX and shoot it well, but it feels very large in the hand. It’s not uncomfortable, but you certainly know you’re holding a large pistol. I went ahead and bought the Kvar grips that were in MAC’s video and that helped out a bit which is odd because they look to be the same thickness to me, so it might come down to a better texture. The VP9 still has the best ergonomic feel to me personally hands down followed by the M&P 2.0 which comes in at a close 2nd. I still love the ReX for sure though as it’s a great shooter with a good SA trigger pull.

Update: I’ve since added a 2.0 Compact to my collection. Once again flawless function and a solid shooter

So far I am very impressed with my M&P 2.0 in 9 mm. I have just over 500 rounds through it, with flawless performance. I have used Speer Gold dot HP, Remington 115 gr JHP, Remington UMC 115/124 gr FMJ. Tulammo Steel case 115 grain FMJ, Federal Champion Aluminum Case 115 grain FMJ, Winchester 115/124 gr white box ammo.
With all that ammo not a single hick-up or issue even with steel case it shot very well. Cannot get over the grip either on that pistol, love it. Sights are great & the trigger was good out of box but seems to get better after each shooting.
Here’s so far my M&P family
M&P 2.0 9 mm
M&P 45 1.0 with night sights, came with 3 mags also.



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My only thought is just how good it feels in the hand, shoots at the range…and concealed carries in my holster.

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I have the 2.0 compact and 2.0 Shield. Both have been awesome! Especially the compact. Definitely one of my favorites in the collection. Waiting to see if they come out with a 2.0 in the original compact size, that would be on the to get list!

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I bought a M&P 2.0 compact recently. It’s a great pistol, but as of now I prefer a G19. To be fair I’ve only had it out once and the factory rear sight was pushed to the left so I was shooting left. Yesterday I installed some Trijicon HD XR’s. We’ll see how it shoots now.

My wife and I were disappointed in the aggressive grip texture. Everything else was fantastic, but that grip texture… We ended up deciding the PPQ was the winner for us. 9mm for her and .45 ACP for me.

I might get the M&P for myself if it weren’t for that grip texture. Though the PPQ has a much better trigger.

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I have the 5" 2.0 and am getting the 2.0 compact this summer. At first the grip texture seemed excessive…until I went to a 4 hr class. I was the only one that could still get a good grip in the 110° weather. Being so hot we were swimming in sweat. Even talon grips weren’t allowing people to maintain a proper grip.

I agree. When you hold it in the gun shop it just seems too aggressive, but once you actually use it that aggressive texture really shines. When it comes to carrying it, I took Talon Grip rubber and cut a piece to put onto the half of the palm swell that faces my skin and it works great.


That is a great point about the sweat. Still the grip on the PPQ is pretty good.

The ppq reminds me of the HK VP9 , good choice. The M&P is good too but not as nice IMO

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Don’t get me wrong, the M&P does have a lot going for it but there is something about that PPQ that really impressed us (besides the trigger which is brilliant). The sights are very good. Had very quick target acquisition. In fact I found it (the M&P) superior over the Glock in that aspect. Oh and I like the M&P trigger over the Glock.

No experience with HKs so I cannot give an opinion there.


I have the M&P 1.0 and 2.0 in .40 S&W. The aggressive grip on the 2.0 helps keep the gun from sliding around in my hand while firing. I prefer the 2.0 for that reason.