S&W Model 19

Most who know me understand I’m a sixgun guy. It’s not that I don’t shoot the auto platform but to me the sixgun is king. I purchased this S&W sometime in the 80s. It was used with only a couple rounds through it. The backstrap had some discoloration due to a sweaty hand but other than that, it was perfect.

My favorite load for the little gun in 357 cases is the Lyman 358429 & 5.5 grains of Winchester 231. I shot this load over a chronograph at the great Noreaster gathering of sixgunners & was greeted with 1050 FPS. While not a true magnum load it is plenty for most shooting with the 170 grain Keith & groups running in the 1 1/4" range at 25 yards.

The little sixgun didn’t fit my hand so I installed a set of Monogrips by Hogue. Due to an old finger injury these fit my hand better than most any other. They also make repeating your hold from shot to shot simple.

I’m a little different when it comes to hammers & triggers. I like a wide target hammer shorten to about half its length. This keeps it off the web of your hand. I’m a narrow/smooth trigger guy also.

Other than these 3 things the Model 19 is as it came from the factory except for the replacement cylinder which isn’t recessed. I won’t go into that at present. This is the perfect packing sixgun for the woods I walk in & most any place around “town” I go. I should shoot & pack it more.


Sure nice to see one with a hammer spur :+1:


Thank you Robert.


I always like the front sights like that .Those should be like that on any revolver imho.


It’s a pretty good sight Stan but the red will wash out in the bright sunlight. I wish everyone pinned them to the ramp so you could change the blade or maybe like Ruger did with the Redhawk.


Do like the model 19 and 66. My wife’s 4” was acquired in the 80’s as well. They’re some of the most accurate revolvers made with 38 loads…never shot many real magnum loads in mine. And make nice companions to a Marlin 1894c.



S&W is my favorite revolver builder :+1:


S&W is by and far the best Double action trigger pull out there that I have ever shot. Some say different.


I have had several double action Rugers and although they required more pressure on thd trigger to actuate if you did it in one semi quick smooth pull it was close to S&W . If I tried to go slow I would usually pull to the right . In my opinion when it comes to that a straight through to the rear movement with no hesitation works best