S1844 HR3285 tied to HR687 Handgun Registration

Contact your Senators and Reps over these.
Or sit on your arse and register your handguns.
Your Choice!!
This is yet another attempt to destroy the second amendment and take my rights away. OPPOSE with all resources at your hand. The liberals are doing nothing more than flooding the congress in hopes to get one anti-gun do nothing bill through.


Look what the demoncraps are doing in NJ. Most every gun owner is a felon now.
.PUNISH law abiding firearm owners because we do not vote for demoncrap scum.
EVERY month it’s another 1/2 dozen BS anti firearm owner laws.
Your state is next if the shitbag demonrats have control.

Meanwhile the demoncrap shitholes are on fire with shootings and murders since the warn weather started. Demonrats can’t tell the truth about that as it would show their complete incompetence at governing.
The morons blazed up my hommietown AGAIN last night. https://www.rlsmedia.com/article/breaking-newark-nj-five-victims-shot-two-separate-newark-shopping
On a rainy Tuesday
Wait till a hot summer Friday night.
I have popcorn for the shit show LMFAO@morons



Go to the above link and follow the drop downs to send messages to your reps.


No truer statement can be said about getting busy being active as if you would lose control of one of our most valued assets if one does nothing. This is serious times that need activism rather than complacency, shown proof that the Liberals will Lie, Steal, and Cheat to take our guns regardless of what the Constitution spells out.