SAAMI Max Loadings


Is it safe to reload a cartridge to SAAMI max pressure loads as presented on powder manufacturers sites?
The max pressure stated would be 13500 CUP with my powder and bullet combination.


I try to avoid going to max charges other than a few rounds. Try to look at min and max and start around 60% and work from there. Test accuracy of grouping as well as muzzle velocity. No point in pushing the max if the bullet is just going to tumble.


I’ve loaded a box of 45 Colt to 83% of the SAAMI max load which should place the pressure at 12809 CUP.
10.6 gr of Hogden HS-6 pushing a 250gr XTP which should give me 842 FPS muzzle vel.
From what I have seen from factory loads the FPS is rated around 805 FPS at appx 11400 CUP.

Here is my chart:
But math isn’t necessarily all that accurate for the real world and wanted a good experienced second look.


What you really want is to find the max chamber pressure of the barrel. +P is 110% and +P+ is 125%, +P is OK, but +P+ you want to be careful with.


No +P for me.
The firearm is an Uberti Colt 1873 Bisley 7.5 bbl
The pressure chart is based off Hogdens non +P loadings.