Sale to pay for our dogs surgery.


Hey all I will be offering some items for special discount to full30 members to try and clear inventory and get some money back in my pocket for my dogs surgery which we have to do suddenly for a torn CCL. The surgery is set for April 30 and we have a GoFundMe set up if anyone wants to donate or share it out that would be amazing! I will update more items here shortly. Payment for these will need to be paypal, but I can take credit cards if necessary or other forms too.

PF940SC in Black - $108 shipped
P80- .308 in Black - $60 shipped
(2) P80-G150AR15 in Black - $56 each shipped
8.3" .300 blackout ballistic advantage barrel pistol length gas system barrel - $85 shipped
16" 5.56 Ballistic advantage carbine length barrel - $120 shipped

I will provide pictures if asked of course. All items are new.


Not sure if sad or sweet… sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


Ellie is sweet, surgery is sad, recovery is rough.


Beautiful dog. I sure hope she gets her surgery and comes out fine.


While we don’t need any of those items for sale your pup will be in our thoughts. Keep us updated.



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many prayers my friend. The wife and I just recently dropped a large pile on or baby boy. (15 year old Shepard hound mix) they are family not just pets. Again as already stated many prayers. And I assume I don’t nee those things but showing my ignorance I don’t know what they are either.