Sanctuary City Ban Signed!


This is a historic moment, on June 14th our Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law theSTRONGEST ANTI SANCTUARY CITY LAW IN THE COUNTRY. This was something that I campaigned, on that Governor DeSantis campaigned, on and that our President Donald J. Trump campaigned on. This is a promise kept that has advanced the rule of law and safety of all our communities!

It was a great honor to introduce this bill and bring it before my House colleagues. Carrying this bill to the finish line with my fellow House members is a memory I wont forget and an accomplishment that belongs to all the conservative warriors out there.

Fellow patriots this is not the end but the start of our advance. The cause of liberty, the preservation of the rule of law and the principles of our Founding Fathers must be fought for each day. In the words of President Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

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HB 527 - Federal Immigration Enforcement

Sanctuary City Ban Signed!

This bill ensures that the state and local officials will cooperate with federal immigration authorities in upholding our immigration laws. To read the law click below.

Read The Bill Here

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A Historic Moment For Florida

“Most importantly, this was about recognizing citizenship. There is no greater title in the world than being an American citizen.” - Cord Byrd

Watch me, the governor, and others speak on this historic occasion.

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Thank You Governor DeSantis And Senator Gruters

Without the Governors and Senator Gruters, who is the senate sponsors, help this bill would not have been a reality. Our Governors commitment to safety, the constitution and the rule of law is real. And Senator Gruters shepherding of this bill through the senate is a monumental achievement. This is why elections matter and we here in Florida our so lucky to have some of the boldest and best conservative fighters in the country! Thank you Governor DeSantis and Senator Gruters!

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A Huge Thank You To Bobby And Kiyan Michael!

A huge thank you to Bobby and Kiyan Michael, their incredible efforts and great strength in telling their story was indispensable to this effort. As angel parents Bobby and Kiyan needlessly lost their son to an illegal immigrant. By sharing their story and stepping up to protect other families they are heroes and it was a blessing getting to know them during this process.

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Getting To The Finish Line

Getting the bill to this point took everything from debating three hours nonstop on the house floor to taking my case to the media.

In the end it all paid and I could not have done it without the support of everyone who has championed this issue and help fought to get us here. Thank You!

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Click below to see my recent FOX News interview advocating for the rule of law!

Rep. Cord Byrd considering bill that would ban sanctuary cities in Florida

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I have been advocating for this everywhere I can, here’s an interview with FOX Business!

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I was honored to help lead a press conference on our effort to ban sanctuary cities with Senator Joe Gruter’s. Check it out below!

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The Bill Signing

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