Savage 64 - Rear screw no longer tightens


Hello all,

I have my first rifle as the Savage 64 F. And I’ve rather enjoyed shooting this rifle. Today, while re-assembling it, the rear Alan screw, that fastens the stock to the rifle, stripped the receiver hole of its threads. it still fastens to the trigger and magazine well. But its no longer connected to the receiver.

To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this. My dads a wood worker, so I know a thing or two about screws and threads (though I’m not an expert by any means). But something like this is completely un-precidented in my life.

I still have the Phillips screw and the front screw that locks the barrel, keeping everything safe and secure. Is this something that can be fixed at home? Or do I have to send this thing back to Savage? And could savage do anything? From what I’m seeing, I’d need to get a whole other receiver.


You can repair it with a product called heli coil.


Yep, over size the hole and thread to the new size, put the heli coil in and you’re all set. Be very careful. If you’re unsure, take it to a gunsmith.


When you drill - make sure the bit is heterosexual/absolutely straight.
My aluminum jap bikes have more than a few heli coils. :roll_eyes:


A couple of other options if you can’t find Helicoil in your market.



You might get lucky with just re-tapping the hole.
If not, there’s the option of using a slightly larger tap and screw.
Or maybe a different tap and screw, like coarse vs fine or even metric…
Just a thought.


Sounds like there are a variety of options here that could effect a repair on your Savage 64. These guys are very resourceful, I would avoid sending it to Savage as they would be likely to perform any one of the solutions described at a high cost with shipping. Just sayin’


Short of having the hole welded up, re-drilled and re-tapped with new threads, the Helicoil is the way to go. Get someone who has done one before to help you if possible…if not, watch a YouTube video. You CAN do this yourself!


Some caution is required when using helicoil.
As mjrfrd said:
Be danged sure the hole for the coil is drilled absolutely straight or the results will be disagreeable.
And that requires a shop quality drill press with no runout.
Not a job for the typical hand drill as most of the ones from good ole’ china wobble like a drunk on a wet street corner.


Make sure there’s nothing else around that hole, like a spring or something. I know when I cut my slide down on my comp Glock to take the Trijicon sight, there was only a few thousandths of room


Thanks for the responces all! i think I’m going to try to take it to a gunsmith. I know there are some around here, but there aren’t many. So I’m worried what they’re going to charge me for this. I only paid $150 for the rifle. If they charge me anything more then $50, I’m prob going to try and use plumbers tape or something, to fix it myself.

Should the repair be too expensive, and that not work, is there a proper way of disposing of a firearm?


I kinda find it hard to imagine the threads would be stripped, it’s not a tiny thread and would take some work to actually strip them out.

Can you post a photo of the damage? I believe (but very well could be wrong) that the mounting bolts screw into replaceable, threaded posts. Is that the case with the thread you’re having issue with?


Here is an exploded view and parts list. I’ll be hopeful and ask, is it part #77 that’s stripped?


It’s not hard to dispose of a gun.
Just donate it to the nearest gun dealer.
They can always use it for spare parts.


No, its the hole that part 74 screws into. Though its not in the right spot. You’ll notice the magazine well (part76) has 2 screws beind it. One of those screws, and part 74 are flipped. Specifically the screw farthest back on the magazine well.

And dealers need .22’s for spare parts?


Wish you were closer…I’d fix it for you for the cost of the parts.

Gunsmiths always need parts…maybe you can find one that needs a donation.

Don’t know how your laws out there work, but you can always find someone who wants to buy a project/parts gun. Out here I’d put it up on Armslist as a parts/for repair gun and someone would snap it up at the right price.
I got my last Marlin 60 that way…$40 for a basket case rifle that needed a $5 spring.