Savage: New Micro EDC 1st of New Line


Interesting ,I am a big fan of Savage but didn’t know they made pistols.


Been over 90 years.

I think the last one that was a true pistol caliber was the Savage 1917. They stopped making it in 1927 or 28 I think. Most of their pistols were .32 or .380 (9mm Kurz)

They did something in .45 as a prototype too, I think for a military trial, and they made a prototype of something in.25 IIRC.

Savage Navy Percussion Revolver - Civil War Production for sure, not sure when they quit. In Semi-auto they made they Model 1905, M1907, M1915, M1917. The Hybrids were 516 Pistol, and the 110 PCS (Pistol Chassis System). The Stance is just the start it seems.


Interesting indeed. They are designed in 3 major components instead of 2.

"…This chassis can be removed from the grip frame and re-installed into another. With this flexibility, Savage also offers a variety of replacement frames for the Stance with black, grey and FDE color options. Each of these grip-frame options have aggressive stippled texturing that wraps completely around the grip, along with finger indexing on the front. The grip also features two interchangeable back straps for small or large grip sizes, with the grip angle set at 18 degrees.

The slide of the Stance is made from stainless steel, and treated with a Melonite finish for corrosion resistance. Inside the slide rides the 3.2” barrel, which is also made from stainless steel. The slide features wide slide serrations at the front and back, with the serrations on the front being ported for increased purchase. On top of the slide, the Stance has functional front and rear iron sights, with the rear sight having a rounded back face to reduce the chances of a snag when drawing from a holster."


I only own one and it was given to me but I have always liked Savage, great balance of quality and economy, good focus on what’s important. Look forward to fondling one of these.