Savage Stevens Model 200 in .270 novice needs advice

I’ve never owned a Savage rifle before, or a bolt-action long gun in general. I’ve picked up a Savage Stevens Model 200 in .270 for next to nothing and I would appreciate some advice on the setup, specifically the optics. My knowledge of firearms is limited. This rifle has no iron sights or glass, just the pre-drilled holes. Ideally, I would want a rear peep sight as a backup with a properly paired front sight, however, I would like to set it up so that the peep sight is not in front of the action, but as far to the rear as possible. I would also like to be able to put a scope on it with enough clearance to not hinder the iron sights. The receiver is round on the Model 200, and it seems from what I’ve read on the interwebs that I’m a bit limited on options because of it. I definitely want to avoid drilling/tapping if possible and I’m not a huge fan of the buckhorn, express or v-notch style sights and prefer aperture sights like the ghost ring and peep sights. From what I understand, I need to find a rear peep sight which is made for the rounded receiver, a front sight, and ramp with the right height and barrel diameter and the proper rail system to accommodate a decent scope. Any and all advice on different specific parts, sights, scopes or different ways of doing this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

That is a tough nut to crack. In all honesty I would recommend a different rifle for what your considereing. The 200 lends itself well with a scope. It would cost the same or more than the price of the rifle to do what your considering. It would most likely be cheaper to silver solder the front on post on. As for the rear “ to keep it cheap” I would install a small rear side weaver rail, then install the rear sight on that. P.S. some times I have noticed that the crown of the muzzle could use a touch up in my experience.

You can set up smaller more accurate cuts with it being you can control 12 points of contact instead of 4. I made it to chamber barrels, actions, and bolts.

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