Save those springs


All things DIY
Before tossing those old appliances, computers, printers, counter top ovens and the like,
Dismantle them for the abundance of springs in them.
Can’t have too many small springs that can come in handy for emergency gun repairs.
Awhile back, my .22 rimfire rifle developed a malfunction.
Upon examination, an essential spring had somehow flown the coop.
Rooting around in my spring collection, danged if there wasn’t one that worked.
It worked so well, when the correct one arrived, I didn’t even bother using it for a long time.
Only when completely disassembling the gun for thorough going through did I finally use the correct one.
Just a thought.


Good idea! Thanks


My Dad 101.
Now my mess.
I agree!!!


Great idea, just don’t get carried away. Also separate things out and take it in for recycling. Nice way to make a little extra cash. You know, for ammo and gun parts.


McMaster Carr will save the day too. That’s my go to store for the odd machine stuff.