SB 506 Frankenstien Red Flag Law

Senate Bill 506 RED FLAG AGENDA

Another attempt to take firearms from those that have a right to own them. Although the text of the bill has not been posted considering the source it can only be assumed it is no more than a red flag law that is administered by a liberal court system which is more interested in legislation from the bench then process of law. Criminals and mentally ill people do not adhere to laws and this type of legislation only further restricts the rights of due process to the law abiding citizen. I believe those that are a danger to themselves or others should have weapons removed from them but the criteria should be specific and free from interpretation to prevent courts and Law Enforcement as well from forcing agenda views upon the lawful citizens of this country.
I support Law Enforcement fully as long as it remains impartial and protects the citizenry to include the rights afforded those citizens by the Constitution.


Scary. Any triggered snowballing kuntie can flush your life with a phone call.
I now back into our garage to load up for the range = I have a known asshole for a neighbor.
Live off the radar as much as possible.


The real danger is the Red Flag laws are the product of ill-conceived, ignorant groups that believe they are acting fully on public safety rules. They are acting on unproved, anecdotal information about someone and the someone has no hearing or defense to rumor. This is the scary part: The law enforcement agency tasked to perform this yet unproven complaint, removes all firearms before any hearing or judgement by anyone. What happens to the “someone” collection? What care will be provided to the condition of seized items? All before any fair justice.


No due process


And who wound up the kunties?
Our enemy = libturd socialist democrat scum and their media propaganda machine.