SB Tactical PDW Pistol Brace or ELFtmann Trigger Raffle $15 entry


Hahaha! Maybe everyone spent everything on the mega millions. I won $4 on it. Who cares if I spent $85.


Did @USRS pick out anything from the last win?


Yep. He decided on the Magpul Stock. It shipped the next day and he has had it for some time now. he is working on a Mail Call video or something to show it off.


Good stuff,

I have one of those stocks, they are incredibly awesome, wouldn’t mind another :+1:


I am probably going to get one eventually for my AR10 build, once its done. But I didnt win the Mega Millions so thats out for right now. I have to dial back the purchases. Building the AR9 out took a little cash that I didnt have yet. Haha. and I am going to need a replacement computer or laptop soon.


Sorry so slow to give some feed back on this, it’s been a busy month.

I received the box from @Greenwell_Armory same week that I selected the MagPul, took just a couple of days to come in, very quick. Took some photos of the shipping box and the box inside it too, good padding, and there was no damage at all.

This is a well manufactured piece of equipment and shows some quality construction as all the screws are wells seated and has clean well rounded edges. I really liked the way I could dial in the length. I’m fairly tall with long arms, and most ARs are too short for me. This however was a welcome addition and not only works well, but looks good too.

If you have an AR, I would strongly suggest you contact @Greenwell_Armory for one of these. Good price, good shipping.


Thanks @USRS I appreciate the feedback!


A few days left to enter. Get your tickets now!


When I tried to get it, it was charging me $10 shipping???


@Greenwell_Armory do you have another goof?

I just checked and it looked good to me



So weird. I have never had shipping enabled on these. Try again. Seems that there was an issue with the software updates.



What the hell…


It is still charging shipping.


I think I fixed it. Mind trying again? Thanks for the feedback.


It is fixed and ordered.:+1:


Awesome thanks! Sorry for the issue. They updated the processing of shipments for some reason and had to change how it was done.

Anywho, which spot would you like?


Let’s go with 13.




Looking at closing the raffle on Thursday and drawing on Friday. All tickets need to be bought by 11:59 on Wednesday night.