SB Tactical PDW Pistol Brace or ELFtmann Trigger Raffle $15 entry


We are closing down our raffle tonight and looks like we didn’t fill up, so that means there is still space for you to enter!


Thank you everyone who entered.

Here is my raffle drawing video.

Thanks for playing. We will be doing more of these in the future, maybe a big Christmas one. :smiley:

And congrats to the winner!


Thinks to self:

I hope John P likes my prize, took my winning spot, sucker, sign him up here so he can be banned!

Outwardly says:


Hahaha. I will mention the forum in the email to him. He joined from Facebook or Twitter. Didnt give me a forum name. I had a few guys I go to church with enter this time and had a few of their friends enter too. I will mention to them to sign up.