SCCY CPX-2 (With Safety)

I am looking for other people’s comments on their experiences with this gun. I am new to handguns and have been to the gun store recently. I held and messed with a few and I think I like the SCCY CPX-2. I haven’t been to the range yet to shoot it. Am hoping to get there soon.

I personally haven’t shot one, but I remember watching Hicock45 do a review on one. From what I remember, he gave it a thumbs up for what it is. Hopefully someone will come by with some first hand experience for ya.

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I own one and it is great for the money, shoot good ammo and it will keep running…

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I’ve owned a CPX-2 for several years and fire it every few months just to keep familiar with it. I think only the CPX-1 has a safety. Anyway, it’s not a “fun” pistol to shoot in regards to plinking and target shooting. For me at least. But it has never failed to feed and fire for me and I trust it to shoot when I need it do. It has decent sights. I carry it when my next size up pistol, a PX4c, is too bulky based on my attire or activity. The PX4 is a lot more fun to shoot though. Just my thoughts.