School me on reflex sights (pros and cons)


Thinking about what sight I want to put on the bullpup PCC mostly for home defense and range duty. I had decided on another Bushnell TRS-25 red dot because I like the one we have already but I want to know more about reflex sights. Never used one and would like to know the pros and cons versus a basic red dot like the TRS-25. I usually just use irons or the red dot.

I’m wouldn’t looking at some ridiculously overpriced trijicon or eotech. Just something comparable to the TRS-25 if I decide to get one.


I like reflex sights, my old eyes work much better with them. Many are very expensive, however, look at SightMark. Very fair price, good quality. Got one on my .50 Beowulf and it holds zero, even with the brutal recoil.


Reflex sights won’t be as durable to getting beat up on things as a red dot. But it does have a less distracting profile. But on the other hand… red dots will have a better battery life.

These Holosun red dots will be more durable and have literal YEARS of always on battery life.


Thanks guys, this is great. What pros and cons other than battery life and durability would they have?


Which SightMark did you end up getting?




Sweet I’ll check it out.

Oh by the way SightMark is located in the same town a couple miles from my in-laws. I never knew that building we pass all the time was them.


I’ve found them to have good prices and good quality. I like my EoTech much better, but not the 5 times the cost part.


^ This is my opinion about the TRS-25 as well.


I have a trigicon on my comp gun. Great sight, but at $600 it wasn’t worth it. If I was building my gun over I would have went with a frame melt and a CeeMore. Keep the weight off the slide.


Thoughts between these?

Sightmark Ultra Shot Z-Series Reflex Sight

Sightmark SM26008 Ultra Shot Plus Red Dot Sights

Sightmark Wolverine CSR LQD Red Dot Sight

Sightmark SM26020 Wolverine FSR Red Dot Sight


The Z-series looks like the one I have. If I remember right, it has green and red reticle.


Added a couple more.


Is it true they are blurry inside 25yds?


I’ve used mine from 7 yards on the handgun, out to 200 yards on a AR, I didn’t notice anything.

I ordered this the other day to do a review for a company. I should have it next week mid way.


I’ve picked a few of these up off a few forums for 150 to 200. No batteries and work excellent. Can also get an a.r.m.'s mount for a lower profile


There’s another scope option, the long tube dot scope.
I was at a uspsa match awhile back and one of the top shooters finished the stage as usual with a top score, with an open style gun (compensator and scope).
Upon finishing the stage he took his dot scope off and pitched it into his range bag.
Being curious, I asked him about that and he said the electronics had somehow failed.
Judging from the results, it hadn’t seemed to matter.
He said it hadn’t since the long tube had served about as well for an aiming device as the dot had
And that is the only type of dot scope I now own.
Just a thought.


Did you ever test that Fyland reflex sight?


These are about as robust as any red dot but battery life is nowhere near as good. Im really back and forth on optics but I think I prefer eotech over any of them.


Yea that’s too much money. I’m looking for ~$100 or less probably on a reflex. The Sightmarks fit the bill but I’m curious about that Fyland TR posted about.