Science, Fantasy, and Superstition- Gun-Control Fails the Evidence Test

Did we pass gun control laws to do good or to feel good? Like many public policy issues, we think we’re talking about evidence when we’re really discussing how we feel. Things didn’t turn out the way we imagined or the way we wanted. We make good-sounding excuses for bad ideas.

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Great article. Thank you!

Interesting to note that (IMHO) democrats seem to rely more on emotions to make (political) decisions while republicans rely more on facts and studies (research). And, these same democrats are the primary promoters of gun control. Granted, these red flag laws are getting support from both sides, but too often, the government is in a hurry to get something on the books that looks good to the public, at least until the public finds out how poorly these bad (red flag) laws are being executed.

So now, how will we get rid of or fix these new red flag laws? Innocent people have already lost their lives due to these laws. More people will suffer needlessly as a result of these laws. Suggestions?


That is because the average voter is ignorant of the facts and emotional pleas will convince many more of them than facts. People are unwilling or, in some instances, unable to listen to facts. It requires thought to process what you are being told instead of just emotionally reacting to what is said.

I came to the conclusion some time back that kids in school are not taught to think anymore. I believe that is the result, intended or not, of the standardized testing required in most schools. Many of today’s kids are only taught to reply to the question with the provided answer. They are not taught how that answer is derived or even if that answer is correct. The skills to question what you are told are not given.


Well done. I especial liked the part about our young adults, forced in to being defenseless.
I never thought of it that way.


this problem is bi-partisan and just targeting the Democrats is wrong (for the USofA) - it is all politicians regardless of country or politico background and as humans we are all ruled by emotions first, than logic and finally common sense (and as a side note Common Sense Gun laws do not make common sense when actually presented with the facts).
The moment you demonize anything it allows the emotions to rule, and doesn’t matter what and even if the facts prove otherwise, it isn’t until the more liberal thinking allows the change (liberal as defined and not ideology, because there was a time when liberal meant freedom of thought and open mindedness).
We see this even here, will see it in this thread and future threads in the comments and as asked by others, what do we do as a collective after weighing both the emotional and factual side of the agruements.


Well said. Thank you.

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As promised by @RobertM there were slow facts. I read his information slowly, and I liked what he said. Better yet @srdiver amplified my understanding to such a level, I have new respect for folks way up North. The sadness that evolves from all of these great thoughts is not being listened to by the very jerks who happily heat up the crowd like a preacher at a tent rally with emotional BS. The lawmakers have become the very demons that need to be triumphed over. Amen.



Out of the who, what, when, where, and why, questions, the why question generally is the hardest to answer.

Could be it is just easier for the teachers to focus on the easy stuff, but it could also be that kids today are being processed to become good communists (or, at least, socialists), in the future. Either way, NOT GOOD.



The problem is primarily with democrats. They are the ones pushing most of the “common sense” gun laws. However, unfortunately now there are these “red flag laws” which are being pushed in a bi-partisan way. And frankly, these red flag laws, I believe, are the most dangerous and outrageous, as well as unconstitutional.

Agreed, taking the shortcut of just blaming one side is wrong and solves nothing. So, let’s all look at the anti-gun problem a bit more thoroughly and, like RobertM, document where the true problems are. Then, let’s share our documentation with each other and come up with a comprehensive list of sources and facts. After that, we will better know how to proceed in defeating this wave of anti-gun thinking and laws.



I read a long time ago that, when the industrial revolution was beginning, the factories needed people coming in from farms to be somewhat literate. They began to teach the people just enough so they could be productive employees but little more.
Somewhere along the way, the education system for the average person got ahead of the need for mundane jobs they frequently had. I believe they are trying to get back to where most of the people don’t know that they could be better than what they are, good little socialist workers.



I agree. But, I also believe we can teach our own kids to do better, and should.


Teaching your own kids (may or may not be home school) may be one of the only ways to get independent thought into them.
Neal Boortz was a radio talk show host who frequently said that public schools are more accurately described as government schools. They get their money and curriculum from the government. Why would they teach anything bad about the ones with the purse string? I went to Catholic school growing up. We learned the Catholic way was the right way. Jewish, Muslim, Baptist and any other religious school would be the same way. Why do we expect the government schools to do differently?

Full disclosure: my wife and I do not have children so I do not have to worry about offspring growing up in the mess.