Scope dope and the repercussions!


I have to agree about the scope dope… don’t be a dope, with a scope, with no dope for the scope.
You do not need sniper dope, but some dope would make you look a lot less of a dope when trying to use your scope and pretending you know your dope.

One AR15 for everything from 0-600 yards.

I thought dope and guns dont mix?


Only if you are mixing the wrong kind of dope with the scope dope… so don’t be a dope and use your scope with the right dope.


Makes sense, and here I was thinking I needed a drug dealer to use a scope.


Absolutely not! If you hang around with the wrong friends that use dope it will extremely inhibit your ability to dope your scope with a correct dope for the scope! So the moral of the story is don’t be a dope when applying dope to your scope.


Too much dope, im going back to the 100 yard range…


looks like you were just flagged for a piss test to check for dope


Im not into dope ,I am more into the hooch.


I have become to dopey in my opinion… back to my scope dope and the dope with my Cerakote. I only huff the good stuff… mmmmmmmm good stuff… mmmmmmm


The good stuff being U.S. Optics or Nightforce dope?


I like that type of dope… makes me look tactical dope. I also like to roll Elcan, Sig Sauer, Leupold, Trijicon, Steiner
Any long distance good quality can be dope… even with your buddies to like to share that dope you can be the dope. But you have to be careful of different levels of dope… MRAD dope is not the same as MOA dope… so know your dope and have a scale to measure that dope.


Wot he say?
Din’t understand a word.
Does that make me the dope?
Hope I’m not the dope.



Bigbird does lots of dope.


…& Not with a scope…


Mr. Rogers did dope with and without a scope.


by the way dope is now legal to consume in Canada
but I still need a license to shoot.


Depends on the definition of “dope” , my grandfather called weed “dope”.


You making another age crack at me Gingerbread man?


No, are you my granfather, baldilocks?