Scope selection!

Wow! New Here, a NEWBIE in shooting and hunting. Pretty wicked site.

Q: scope suggestions for hunting med game on a 783 Remington 308 (stock) 50-300m?

Thinking mildot/AO/?×12×42

This rifle is my Long Gun Build, remember NEWBIE so working to 300m. Skillset at the moment is 11/2 inch groups at 100m.
I think better glass will help heaps.

Currently with 3x9x40 fixed reticle👎

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Check out Nikon p-308. 4-16×42 sf bdc 800. Reticle good out to 800yards! You can download Nikon spot on app & enter bullet weight etc. and it’ll tell you exactly what distance each reticle line represents for grain of bullet you want to shoot.


Thanks, didn’t even think of ×16

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You’re going to get a different opinion from every reply. None are incorrect. Best way to ask this question is to state your budget for glass.


Yes, logical starting point KeithP, Bloody amateurs LOL :grinning:

Budget $300-$350au

Hawkeye looks good as well.

As already stated…everyone will have a different opinion, here’s mine:
First off, there’s a big difference in punching paper or hunting game. You either buy the best scope for one or the other, or you compromise.
In your price range I really like Vortex, Nikon, and Hawke.
For hunting coyotes I really like a magnification in a 2-7 power, a straight 3 or 4 power, or even a 4-12 power with adjustable objective on the variable power scopes.
I really like to keep my scope dialed into the 2-3 power range while calling or stalking. This gives me the best opportunity to take a snap shot at close range, and allows me to “dial up” for a “long range” shot if I spot one way out there (2-300 yards for me with my AR) most of the time I just run the straight 3 power, but being able to dial up to I.D. or spot a critter out there a little further is pretty convenient.
For a reticle, I’d advise keeping it simple. Some BDC reticles are really good, some can get very cluttered and obscure a lot of your view. Mildot is Okay, but it takes a lot of work and practice to use it correctly. I like a good duplex or line/bar style BDC like you find in the Nikon P223 for the AR. I really like the shotgun reticle too. I use a 2-7 power on one of my coyote guns, and it works well. There’s a ton more info I could go into, but I’ll stop there…and paper punching is a whole different game with different requirements.


Very good points. After hunting near dusk, I realized i NEEDED something with better light gathering and clarification. The lower end scopes were just blurry messes by that time of the day. Shooting targets at midday, not so critical. IMO, the reticle is a personal opinion thing. I like my Mil Dot. I am VERY happy with my old Zeiss Conquest i bought about 15 years ago. It was in the $700USD range back then. I don’t regret dropping that much on it at all. Hell, by todays standards, that’s a cheap scope. I do not shoot crazy long distances so, I would never spend more than that on a scope. It wouldn’t benefit me at all.

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I have been a fan of Nikon Prostaff for may years. If you have one of their BDC scopes you can go to and select the scope model and cartridge and then enter either factory or handloads and change the parameters to get the exact readings of the BDC for ranging.

I put the data in a waterproofed card on my eyepiece flip scope cover. Handy when hunting without trying to think


Something to think about. In a shooters “parabolic ark” or developmental stages they go through usually look something like this.

  1. you buy what you can afford and shoot.
  2. You then buy cheap tacticool stuff and make the firearms look cool.
  3. You go shooting again and notice what you bought sucks, or doesn’t work well.
  4. You go back to the basics and buy quality stuff that looks boring, but works awesome.
    Having said that I have noticed that I will willingly give up magnification for clarity of glass every time. If you are going to buy something in the scope realm please look into the clearest glass you can afford. Everything else is your willingness to hone your skills. I constantly shoot 300 yards with open sights, or a red dot, and when I do use glass it is usually 4 power or 6 power. Don’t be afraid of buying a used QUALITY scope to get more for your money. One more thing, a BDC reticle is worth it’s weight in gold. It is faster than dialing every time. Just my two cents. I hope you find a great deal for a scope that fits your needs!

Wow 300m open sights👍
Yes that makes sense, clarity over magnification🤔

My mid range build on my way to 1000m, I was thinking get a quaility 1000m straight up and start at 300m.

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Just got my Red dot…from ebay/China😁

Problem: when I focus on the reticle it becomes blurry, but when I focus on an object behind it it is clear???

Is this expected for a seconds or sight pitch training?

As it stands if I want to hit a target I have to focus on it and bring the reticle on the target.

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The last place I would by optics is off Ebay - well, maybe Alibaba is worse.

Too much lower grade up-branded counterfeit stuff.

Even something like Gamo .177 pellets! I bought some that have a seam and uneven skirts. Turns out someone counterfeits the packing to undersell the real McCoy by not even a few bucks per 750.


With the red dot , in my opinion, you should focus on your target & catch the reticle just as you are doing.

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