SDI Fastener Repair Lab assignment


you need to invest in some reverse twist bits too.


As a tool and die maker who gets “instructed” quite often on Youtube of which way the file cuts, i am here to pass on the same message - dragging the file backward will dull it, unless it is a diamond file.

And yes, iDrag… the file that is… sometimes… when i need to…


You making this post and me receiving an SDI advertisement from 1911forum made me go and finally look.

While browsing the site i felt really good about living in California.

FTT 299: Elective Options:

  • FTE 210: AR 10 Advanced Armorer
  • FTE 211: 1911 Advanced Armorer (Students must be 21 years of age to sleect FTE 211 course)
  • FTE 215: AR 15 Advanced Armorer
  • FTE 225: Developing a Business Plan

*Additional Information Regarding State-Restricted Elective Options:

  • Residents of Massachusetts and Connecticut may not enroll in the FTE 210 or FTE 215 course due to state restrictions
  • Residents of California and New York that choose to enroll in FTE 210 or FTE 215 must select a fixed magazine or featureless option
  • Residents of Maryland may enroll in the FTE 215 course but only if selecting the 300 Blackout option
  • Residents of Connecticut, New Jersey, California, and New York may not enroll in the FTE 211 course due to state restrictions
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I believe those classes are the finish an 80% lower. If I remember right, the options are AR15, AR10, and 1911. I’m kind leaning towards the 1911 option myself.

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I wonder what tools they would have you use for that

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They send everything for the course, the 80% receiver, jig, drill bits. Every few weeks I get another package in the mail from them with tools and stuff.