Sean Connery & Guns

Hope this works, FULL30 is all kinds of messed up right now, enjoy!


Nope, not yet. But you got a thumbs up so there’s that :joy:
Not to worry, the DEV group is working late hours on these concerns.


yeah, i have been back and forth them on a few things… man, wished there would have been a more seamless transfer of things, really a bad time to be having these issues


Yes, but I truly believe that when all the kinks are worked out, we should have smooth sailing for a good long while.


boy i sure hope so, it is stressful when you are somewhat dependent upon a platform and then it goes down, starts to glitch, etc… that is why i have tried NOT to utilize numbers from anything outside of the “big” platforms… right now, my videos since July are not showing on FULL30 and many of them show NO views… that does not look good if companies check some of the things in the media packet i send out… so for now, have removed FULL30 from that packet, but still have dozens in the pipeline that now look fishy


Here’s a pill :wink:


I find it helpful


Was America founded on seeing is believing or believing is seeing?

Right now we don’t need to be put on a shelf, just the opposite, we need cheerleaders

We need visionaries,

There are unsung hero’s behind the scenes who’s names you may never know, but know this, they are patriots who are dedicated to you!

If you want to help please PM me I can use it

If you’re content to just wait for us then I thank you for at least still being here, I acknowledge that is a contribution in its own form and one not everyone has offered us.

Thank you!


i explained why Robert, i cannot be telling companies that this video or that is on FULL30 with x number of views, etc when for whatever reason it does not show up, shows zero views or has a lack of custom thumbnails just makes things look absolutely horrible… my branding matters. i never said i am done with FULL30 but you don’t take a cross country trip in a car that needs work, you don’t put that kind of trust in it, you fix it first, which i am confident will get done, then you take that trip.


I’m not at odds with anything you wrote,

but have ideas on how you can help if your of mind to.

Its not a requirement you do anything more than you do, everyone has varied ability’s and you may be perfectly set at yours currently.

No worries.


will go PM… incoming