Searching video's


can we please make the video’s searchable


I’m right there with you chiggerdigger . Like everyone else I’m trying to watch here instead of YouTube. They do have a good search feature over there. Example a search of " iraqveterav8888 safety" would return all of Iraqveteran8888’s safety videos. Maybe Full30 could give us a tutorial video on how everything works . Thanks


I agree, give us the ability to search videos.


That’s would be a great feature. I’m sure the owners are working on something. :slight_smile:


Im new here, and the first thing i did was attempt to search based on subject, rather than channels. I attempted 6.5 grendel vs 6.8 SPC and got no results. The first and most important feature is to make sure the user is able to seek information based on topic, rather than restrict the search function to a channel. Just my initial observation.


update, you have to sign up in order for the search function to work…I did not realize this until just now. My advice to the website developer is to enable the search function for all, otherwise those who do “visit” the site, will dismiss it right off because they cannot find content that they seek. I bet if you allowed that, the site would grow tremendously!