Second rifle or first handgun?


I already have an AR-15 and I’m wondering if I should buy an AR pistol or a first handgun?


I vote handgun. More versatility. And really everyone should have at least one handgun.


Pistol, whats your price range though? You could get a police trade in Beretta 92 for $300ish and get an AR pistol too.


I’ve shot an AR pistol and wasn’t impressed. IMO, its useless. It’s clunky and awkward. Just the ramblings from an old Glock guy though.


Agreed, I dont care for them. I think they are a novelty considering the buffer tube kind of defeats the purpose, with AKs its a different story, IMO.


If your 21, get handgun and license and keep calm and carry!:hushed:


About $1,000 for a handgun or $200 for an AR pistol lower?


Gonna look funny under his shirt


Not if he wears a trench coat


$1,000 will get you two fantastic handguns. I’d definitely recommend if you haven’t yet go shoot a few of the usual suspects; 1911, Glock, S&W M&P Walther PPQ, CZ-75, and etc to figure out what you like.

If it were me I’d pick up an M&P and a 1911 and have both polymer and a steel at the same time. Best of both worlds.

But it should depend on what works best for you and your hands.


It don’t matter he’ll get both eventually,it’s a sickness😨


A sickness that’s making me broke


Would ask any tattoos, yeah it’s like that.


LOL… so true! When I first got my 25 gun safe I thought I’d never come close to filling it… 2 years later and it seems I do a lot of rearranging to add a new pistol to it.


I approve of this message. Cannot wait to get our first large safe.


Easy decision - buy the handgun. The AR15 is VERY loud. Would you really want to rely strictly on a gun that will permanently damage your hearing with just one shot? The handgun, though still quite loud, could be a .38 special or 9 mm, both of which are generally powerful enough to stop an assailant, but nowhere near as loud as an AR15 (the handguns would be roughly 30 decibels quieter than the AR15). Also, handguns conceal far better and good ones (some of the Smith & Wessons, Walthers, Rugers, and Springfields, can be had for less than $400), can be quite affordable. Good luck in your decision.


Sometimes a large safe is not as nice as 2 smaller ones bolted together.


I think you should buy your first handgun. You ll feel more positive emotions. I guarantee )))


I vote handgun. The AR pistol has very little use other than playing at the range, IMO.


How so? A rifle means more, or it should to any red blooded 'Murican. Im more sentimental about my rifles.