Selecting a holster for open carry?


So ive used mostly Bladetech and Safariland holsters for any non-concealed carry but most of my open carry has been in the woods, I dont think ive carried openly in public more then a few times.

In your opinion does something like a Bladetech holster provide enough retention? Its the open top holsters that use a tension screw to lock the pistol in place.


You need to have something with active retention such as a thumb or grip release.


Yea, Ive heard that before. I just wasnt sure if its more of A general rule or personal preference type of thing. Thanks for the reply, TickledDog.


Is Safariland still the top dog for retention holsters? Been a bit since ive purchased any holsters for open carry.


I love my Safariland GLS


I normally don’t open carry. But I have ran into the store and some other places openly. I would think that a good retention system whether it’s a physical strap or just a well-adjusted holster making it difficult to be drawn by someone other than yourself would be a good idea. I prefer leather holsters for comfort but I also love my Alien Gear. I generally try to wear an over shirt even if it’s short sleeve in the warmer weather to conceal. The Alien Gear holster I use has 4 tensioning screws throughout the holster, it would be very difficult for someone to grab from the wrong angle. For the woods, I wear a drop down leg holster which does have a strap over the backstrap.


I had the version with a thumb lever, I liked it but never was much for open carry back then. Might try another ALS model though.


I also seldom open carry (can’t in Ca) but have in AZ.
I have Alien Gear & Crossbreed in both OWB and IWB. I prefer the Alien Gear in both cases.

I find that when I open carry I’m super aware of the folks around me. I don’t have just my head on a pivot I’m pretty much full Linda Blair.

Personally much more comfortable with an IWB and t-shirt.


I think my most comfortable form of carry is my shoulder rig. It’s a leather Galco holster system. There’s no strain on your hips or back and easily concealable with a button down shirt


I’ve considered that. How fast can you get to your gun?
I imagine in an emergency you’d just rip the buttons. But it’d be expensive to practice that draw.


I normally leave the top couple of buttons unbuttoned for quick access, I have on an undershirt as to not look like someone from That 70s Show LOL. A couple of the shirts I have are five eleven tactical, they use snaps instead of buttons. Then you could quickly tear open and not damage the shirt. Granted, it is not a speed holster, but I can draw almost just as fast from the shoulder rig as from the hip. With a little practice, as you’re reaching and gripping the gun, you’re breaking the thumb strap loose at the same time. I would highly recommend it as one form of carry, but everyone has their own feelings on it and preferences.


The Safariland 7TS ALS is the gold standard…


The variety of need and clothes makes for alot of fine tuning for any brand of holster. It may make “open carry” more awkward until mastery from lots of practice. Do you have friends to shoot with or a range that has some test holsters. Ranges that perform training may have some to test :thinking: