Self Defense Gun Stories- episode 159 with Elizabeth Hautman

Responsible gun owners defended themselves, but you didn’t hear it in the news. Instructor Elizabeth Hautman joins host Rob Morse to talk about four recent examples.

  • Are you armed at home when your ex-boyfriend shows up with a gun? A restraining order is only a piece of paper.
  • Are you armed as a thief tries to steal your truck… and your son?
  • Are you armed when a crazy man kicks down your front door?
  • Are you armed at work when a robber points a gun at your 13 year old daughter?

What should you do? Text and 21 minute podcast available at the link.


there is a common thread that I hear on these podcasts being mentioned by the “trainers”
Shooting from cover - unless you are using your gun safe as cover pretty well everything you are hiding behind in your house is concealment. In a recent police shooting the retreating officer was shot through his “cover” - the wall. Being taught that your house provides cover implies a certain amount of false security. Everyone is “taught” or sold on buy this, use that because of over penetration (outgoing defensive fire) to prevent accidental shooting of innocent bystander, than why the hell are they not being taught that this same over penetration exists on the incoming fire from the bad guy.
We have watched way to much Hollywood gunfights where bullets just spark off of inside walls or we can use the couch or upturned coffee table as an effective means of cover and protection from bullets.


Same principle works in reverse too…remember that you can often hit your attacker through his “cover” as well.