Selling Guns Online

Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong category.

I have serveral guns that I’m not interested in keeping. I have just about every category of gun I need covered.

Where is the best place to sell firearms online. I’d prefer not having to ship them (gunbroker) because it seems like the laws have changed since the last time I’ve shipped a gun to an ffl and it sounds confusing to me.

Should I get my membership on Armslist again?

Are there any good companies online that offer a fair value.

I’m not trying to get fast cash necessarily. I want to at least get close to breaking even.


Well, as you may now know you have to have a license now to sell them. Thanks to President Biden and that Bill passed last year in Congress which reclassified a gun seller as Anyone even if you are selling it to your own mother.
If I was you I would do ine of 2 things.

  1. Keep them
  2. Give them to your Brother ,Mother or Sister . And maybe later on down the road they may help you out financially with some Christmas money in Cash.
    This is one of the reasons they want to do away with cash. Every thing you sell on line can and will be tracked.
    Oh P.S. whatever you do dont tell anyone and dont even type it on here.

Like everything FJB does on guns that new “rule” will be hard to enforce . I would not sell online . Around my area all I have to do is tell one or two trusted people what is for sale or what I am looking for and it just gets done.


I never used armlist always used gunbroker, but now they force you to have a separate account to collect sales tax so to the tea harbor for them

I don’t know where you live but in FL we had

For face to face exchanges, TX has one also, do a search and see what you find out, you can list here in the marketplace and just put face to face only with your location

Maybe someone will see and respond.

Good luck!