Senate Democrats Introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

No surprise here. Still ticks me off. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Somebody needs to read the entire bill, very carefully.

After the 1994 AWB expired, she introduced a bill to “reinstate” the AWB, that changed the definition of “pistol grip stock” to any stock with anything other than a straight line from the back of the trigger guard to the bottom of the butt plate. It also redefined “removable magazine” to include stripper clips and speed loaders", so if somebody made a speed loader for your gun, then it is considered to be a gun that uses a “removable magazine” for the purposes of her bill, even if you don’t have any speed loaders.


Democraps we’re going to start their stuff again to do away with guns which is going to cause a shortage on firearms and ammo again… I just ordered a bunch more ammo today while the prices are still low and availability is still Fair. Anybody having any intentions on purchasing anything, might want to do it soon because once it gets fired up, prices are going to quadruple and availability will disappear


I made the mistake of clicking this and now I’m fucking pissed. It is only a matter of time before one of these treasonous bills like this passes and we are screwed for all eternity. I just cannot believe we are in this place and are about to lose precious rights.


I was already planning to go to the store, tomorrow, and pick up a few boxes of 10mm. Might as well pick up some other calibers, while I’m there. Seemed to have decent prices on 5.56 by the case, last time I looked.

Edited for update: The store parking lot was more crowded than I have seen it in a while. Plenty of people inside, and a line at the register the entire time I was there.


Actually, we aren’t losing any rights. The democrats are simply attempting to harshly punish us if we chose to exercise those rights.

They really have a serious problem with not learning from history.

Socialism fails. History has repeatedly proven that,

Americans don’t like it when somebody tries to take our guns. Lexington Green and Concord bridge proved that.


History lesson 101


when the muslim was elected I started buying ammo, especially .22, Walmart had a cabinet full of bricks for $16, I would buy one or two a week, when newtown happened I had at least 20k rounds, I sold probably 10k rounds at a low profit margin to people in my area. Now that 22 is easy to get, IF you have not been stocking up then you are not thinking at all…Newtown was the perfect situation to tell us all to stay stocked up…


And they have all the leverage to get it passed, too.

“I’ll sign your assault weapons ban if you’ll fund my wall. It’s gonna be yuge.”


Don’t trust Trump on 2a


The Democraps are going to be relentless.
People will get so tired of hearing this gun control crap that they will stop listening.
And that is EXACTLY what the Democraps want.
People wont listen and will fail to do anything about it.
And they will get one of these BS bills through.
So keep on your toes and let everyone know regardless.
I joined GOA as they seem to be the only people fighting.
F the NRA! They are rubber spined failures in my book.


Might be time to show up at every state capitol and gently remind them who they work for .


I live in Utah and our Legislature passed this in the Constitution:
Article I, Section 6. [Right to bear arms.]
The individual right of the people to keep and bear arms for security and defense of self, family, others, property, or the state, as well as for other lawful purposes shall not be infringed; but nothing herein shall prevent the Legislature from defining the lawful use of arms.

Essentially it Nullifies Federal gun grabbing laws.
You are all welcome here also.
Bring the Arms Industry here as well.


Utah is second on our list of states to move to, so if Idaho goes too far left Utah wins.


I am very concerned about the House trying to regenerate all the previous Bills that died when Republicans got the majority. They will likely dump a major amount of stuff hoping the general population will not pay attention. I cannot encourage enough for the folks that are affected to keep informed and think outside the box of activists “solutions” mumbo-jumbo rhetoric.


We need our voices heard especially in the voting booths. .


OK. So, here we go. This is gonna be tough. I read the bill in it’s entirety, yesterday. I feel confident that it won’t make it past the judiciary committee. Legally, it’s 125 pages of mumbo-jumbo. It repeatedly contradicts itself. It’s not enforceable, legally. There’s a big long list of guns, by name, that are banned. Then, an even longer list, by name, that aren’t. Some of these are the same gun. I don’t mean our go-to, “The AR-15 and the Mini-14 are the same gun” argument. I mean, the exact same guns are both banned and exempted in the same bill (the Mini-14 is one that is both banned and exempted. So is the SKS).

Some of the exempted guns violate things that are banned in the details of the bill, as well. An example that comes to mind is any “semi-automatic shotgun with…(List of features)…a pistol grip, accepts more than 5 rounds of ammunition…” However, the Mossberg 930 and the Benelli M2 Tactical are exempted (along with several others that have both those features).

It appears that, in order to make it seem like they aren’t gun grabbing, they listed everything they want gone and all the features they want removed. Then, copied and pasted a list of guns they thought didn’t apply and, in doing so, shot themselves in the foot. (Seriously, they listed every model of Remington 700 and Benelli shotgun, by name. I.E. 700 BDL, 700 SPS, 700 SPS Tactical, 700 VTR) Literally, they fluffed the list of exempted guns by naming models.

The bill would grandfather all existing banned guns already in circulation (I guess “We’re coming for your :poop:,” wasn’t something they wanted to say out-loud). And, grandfathered guns CAN be transferred to your children. Provided it’s actually transfered. By an FFL. Whom will charge a fee “not to exceed the maximum amount” set forth by the Attorney General. Fun Fact: No amount is stated in the bill. This leads me to believe it will either be astronomical, in hopes you can’t afford to will your children your guns and they will be confiscated. Or, much more likely,

“Hey, Dark Corner Gunworks, you can’t charge more than a dollar fifty to transfer a grandfathered assault weapon and there’s 87 pages of paperwork you have to submit to the ATF in order to do so.”

I love guns and freedom. But, I run a business. And if I have to do two hours worth of paperwork AND deal with the government and can only make a buck and a half… Honestly, I’m just not going to do it. And, I imagine, any FFL interested in actually feeding himself isn’t going to, either.

There’s a mag ban, but not the ones already out there. There’s a section forcing manufacturers to date all post ban guns so they can be traced (which is a retooling cost for the manufacturer). And, several sections explaining why government agencies, military, law enforcement, retired law enforcement, civilian contractors, and (my really super bestest favorite) political agencies that aren’t part of the government but have approval (the DNC? ANTIFA? BLM? the Muslim Brotherhood? Guarantee NRA members aren’t going to have approval) can have “assault weapons.”

There’s also something about “storing guns at a range?” My range is for private use. But, I have colleagues that do run commercial ranges. I have no idea where they are planning on storing privately owned guns or what kind of liability that would entail or the added cost to add secure storage. If it were me, I’d charge a boarding fee. The bill also allocates money from a specific place for a buy-back. The two movie tickets the police give you for your SCAR 16 has to be paid for somehow, I guess.

The whole thing is so far over-reaching, that I highly doubt it will go anywhere. Diane Feinstein and her cronies are basically just flopping their pee-pee on the table to see if it’s really bigger than everyone else’s. And, I’m sure she’ll keep doing it until someone says, “Look, it’s not that big. But, maybe it’s ‘this’ big,” and offers a counter offer or she finally dies. If that’s even possible. Reptiles live forever, as I understand it. The point is, in my opinion, it’s sabre rattling. But, who knows, they might negotiate it down to something that isn’t talking in circles and bans guns. She’s certainly done it before. And, then, all they have to do to get it passed is fund Trump’s wall. He could care less about guns.

“I have successfully restarted the government and we are going to build the wall. It’s gonna be a great wall. A really great wall. And I know walls. It’s gonna be yuge. And, I’ve cleaned up the gun problem. No more school shooting. Because children. And, there’s no reason for guns. I just built the wall to keep you all safe. It’s beautiful.”

(What? Did he just suggest Trump isn’t the greatest most amazing president in the history of the world? That’s like saying, “Chevrolet ain’t the best truck in the world.” How dare he? That sumbitch can’t talk like that.)

(Yes, I did. No, he isn’t, No, they aren’t. And, yes, I can.)

The idea that banning future guns solves some imagined problem that already exists is stupid. It doesn’t even address the issue they’re claiming to want to address. It does say “if any part is found unconstitutional, the rest of the bill is still valid.” So, they clearly know they’re pushing their limits. Especially since the title of the bill states “to ensure the second amendment is not unlimited.” Guess they do actually know what “infringe” means. And, they’re well aware they’re doing it. We’re going to continue dealing with this as long as we keep electing career politicians to office. We need people in there who are actually of the people, for the people, and by the people. I think I read that somewhere, once.


Feinstein has repeatedly, since 2004, introduced a bill similar to this, with a list of features that would define a gun as being banned, then a long list of guns that are banned by name, and a long list of guns that are exempt by name. My impression was that whoever wrote it, sat down with one of those annual magazines that are put out as sort of a catalog of what the industry is currently selling, looked at the pictures, and started copying down the model numbers into their two lists of ‘evil looking’ guns and ‘not evil looking’ guns.

Every time, the Mini14 has been on both lists. If you look at the specific models listed, the black synthetic stock Mini14 is on the ‘evil looking’ list, and the wood stock Mini14 is on the ‘not evil looking’ list. That is clearly their criteria for the lists of guns by model - whether or not it looks evil to them.

A while back, there was a meme circulating in an attempt to point out how crazy (in their view) our gun control laws are. It showed a picture of some toy that was removed from the market due to it being dangerous, and a picture of some black rifles. The toy was captioned ‘banned in the US’, and the rifles were captioned ‘not banned in the US’. The rifles were all Nerf N-Strike dart guns that had been painted black. Seems that there is a group that goes all out in modifying the Nerf guns to make them more powerful, and they tend to paint them black, to make them look more like real guns. It was enough to fool the gun grabbers, but they function on a “I’ll know an assault weapon, when I see one (even if I don’t know anything about them)” mentality.

Don’t dismiss the bill as something that can’t pass. Too many gun control bills have gone from “that’ll never pass”, to “I never thought that would have passed”, because of a combination of national news coverage of shootings and political deals being made.


Thanks for going through that whole POS bill and giving us the low down. Nice job. I wouldn’t want to dismiss it even though it’s unconstitutional and stupid. There’s a whole lot of stupid in this country that will go right along. A lot of them are in Congress.

By the way, do you have a blog? You should have a blog. You have a funny and relatable writing style. I like it.


Thanks, @EQuinn. There are plans for a blog on the website as soon as it’s up and running. I’ll definitely link it when it’s finished.