Senator Response to Gun Control All may not be lost.

I want to share a response from my Senator.
We shall see what comes next.


Thanks for writing your Senator, hope mine will respond as yours did. It would seem the House believes they can ram a bad set of Bills through the Senate with no resistance. I would be surprised if the Senate caves in on this group of Gun Control attempts, but there are some Senators that are weak and might be bullied. At any rate, you can proudly say one of your Senators at least recognizes the severity of this contest and fight.


He does MORE as well.
And why I have voted and Supported him since the first election he ran in.
He pulls no punches either.
His current actions show he has not changed his views either.

Why I think this man should be President.
From 2014

Anti-Gun Laws.
From 2015

From 2013 as well.

Defeating the 2013 Gun Bills

From 2013

July 2019

2017 on the Judiciary “Why do we allow this?”


Perhaps we have a winner? He should absolutely run for a higher office if he wants to protect our rights.
How is he on regulations? That’s the thing that Trump’s done the best is deregulate just about everything tied to the economy.


He has a lot of videos on his channel that cover about everything.
He is a Strict Constitutionalist and believes that if the Federal Government is not granted the power it belongs to the State.
He considered running as VP with Rand Paul if that helps any.
They are tight.


It has been too long since I took the time to contact my senators and representatives. I just sent this to all 3.

With all of the recent shootings in the news, what is your opinion on restricting the access to guns and ammo? Do you support the president in proposing red flag laws?

I will see what they say to an unemotional questioning of their viewpoints. I expect typical politician responses that mean nothing. I have gotten similar non-committal answers in the past.