Serializing a Polymer80 glock frame

Looking at doing a scratch “Glock” build. Since the P80 frames obviously don’t come serialized. What’s the best way going about it? I live in NY if this helps with any legalities that may come up.


Just add your name and 001 to the frame, then add it to your permit. The lettering has to be a certain depth, but not sure what the depth is, so might be a job for a commercial engraver.
If you can find one that isn’t afraid of a piece of plastic with a trigger guard, your all set.


I plan on imprinting “Ghost??” on mine :sunglasses:

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I’m a little late to this, but “Atomic Engraving” did mine. You CAN NOT have done any work to the blank before sending it out. It MUST be a virgin 80% frame. $35, any serial number you want. Call/Email them and see if they can receive your 80% “care of”(I had already purchased mine at a gun show so I don’t know). If so, Have Polymer80 Ship the “non-frame” direct to them for engraving and then forward to you for completion. You save a tiny bit on postage(one less trip cross country).

I would normally suggest finding a local shop to do it BUT, living in NJ, I know how the laws are here in the north east and that there are very few people that would touch a “non-gun…but questionable” job.

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OK friends,
I just ordered my first Polymer 80 & I’m a bit confused. Isn’t it the point that they aren’t serialized? I’m not being a smart a$$ or anything. I’m curious. Is there some law that I don’t know about? Do they have to be marked in some way? Please let me know. I do live in Cali, and if there is some stupid B.S. law, it will be here!

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There is no FEDERAL requirement to serialize a “Home build”. I’m not 100% sure on CA law, but I believe they do require it to be serialized. What I found “In July, 2016, California passed AB 857 which requires all completed firearms to have a serial number applied by Jan 1, 2019. An 80% lower is not a firearm, so a serial number would only be required once the 80% lower is completed. Unfinished 80% lower receivers do not need a serial number…After July, 2018, the law changes for the worse. If you build an 80% lower after July 1, 2018, you must FIRST apply to the California DOJ for a serial number, pay a fee, and they will then assign a serial number that you must apply to your firearm. In this case, you can’t choose your own serial number and your serial number will be in the state government’s data base. If you want to avoid falling under this law, make sure you engrave your own serial number to your completed 80% lowers before July 2018.” From

If they are right, you will need to serialize them by 1/1/19. Now if you were to complete an 80% AFTER 7/1/18 but still had the receipt for the ones you purchased in 2016…how would they know when you completed it? There are no numbers on the 80%…You can serialize them as you please, keeping them off of the state register, and claim you built them before the requirement went into place.

As to serializing in general, being “untraceable” isn’t the key point in building one. You still want a way to track one in the event, let’s say, it is stolen. The best part of building an 80% is that there is no paper trail. Serializing one still leaves it the equivalent of a private purchase. No receipt or 4473, but still able to identify your property.

Serializing also has some benefits. As stated earlier, you are able to identify the firearm in the event it is stolen, you can add it to a rider on your home/renters insurance to cover it in the event of theft and fire damage and it allows for selling the completed firearm.

There is lots of confusion on the internet as to the legality of selling a completed 80%/home built firearm. As per FEDERAL law, it is legal to sell a “home built” firearm. It is ILLEGAL to build a firearm with the INTENT to sell it without becoming a licensed manufacturer. If you were to complete your 80%, use it for a while, serialize it and then decide to sell it to finance your next build…all good. If you sit at home finishing 2 of them a week and listing them on Gunbroker…federal crime. It is much the same as selling your PRIVATE collection/inherited firearms from home/a gun show vs buying guns in private sales/shows and then trying to flip them for a profit. It’s all about intent.

I chose to serialize mine, because getting caught with an un-serialized firearm in NJ is a felony. Anywhere else, it will at least raise suspicion. Actually, building your own firearm in NJ is against the law. This is why mine reside in Pennsylvania. However, if I chose to bring one home to NJ I could simply claim that I built/purchased them while living in PA. It is NOT illegal to bring firearms into NJ when moving here as long as those firearms do not violate NJ’s BS “assault weapons ban”. There is also the whole mess with the NJ FID card, but I have one of those.

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OK well I live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV about 4hrs from NJ so really not that far away , and here in anywhere else it certainly wouldn’t raise anything but a chuckle. The closest I might come to serializing an 80% lower for a handgun or a rifle is to paint/coat it a custom color. Unless it a crazy state like CA requiring you to file those #'s and pay fees ,in effect creating the paper trail you where trying to avoid by building the weapon yourself in the first place , and let’s be honest it cost more not less to build 80% weapons ,because they’re inevitably built with better parts and more time is put into their assembly than some PSA kit .

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[quote=“LRSMSG, post:7, topic:428”]here in anywhere else it certainly wouldn’t raise anything but a chuckle[/quote]It really is a state by state thing. There are some states that require you to list any firearms you plan to carry on your CCW. As to the reaction of LE, that again depends on where you are located. Even if it is legal to own an un-serialized firearm by state law, don’t count on Officer Bob to know that. If he thinks something is suspicious/illegal, it IS (at least to him) until he’s proven wrong. I’d rather not waste 2 hours waiting for a patrol officer to contact a supervisor who has to contact someone with access to the full criminal code who then has to make a non lawyerly determination…Just look at how long it took people to get back their firearms that were WRONGFULLY seized during hurricane Katrina. They were given receipts, they won a class action lawsuit against NOPD and STILL got hassled to prove ownership. Louisiana is a fairly firearm friendly state, New Orleans not so much. Rural Massachusetts or Pennsylvania, your likely to get a compliment on your home build…Boston or Philadelphia, plan to be detained.

All that said, I’m not telling anyone that they MUST serialize their 80%/home builds. I’m simply pointing out that there are some advantages and, barring a state law such as California’s, there are no real disadvantages. Serializing a home build but not registering it is no different than writing your name on your magazines/ear-pro etc before going to a shooting class. It doesn’t mean that the government now knows how many pairs of Howard Leight’s you have, but it does helps identify your property. Serializing does not equal registering.

As to the OP’s question, [quote=“Jscheuch, post:1, topic:428”]I live in NY if this helps with any legalities that may come up.[/quote]I poked around a few NY firearms boards and it appears ALL handguns must be registered in NY. As I understand it, NYSP are supposed to have a form for this purpose but whether they have finalized it or it is available yet I don’t know. As to what to use as a serial number, I had them done “first initial-last initial-day-month-year-#”.
So for example John Smith 5/3/17 #2(I had 2 80%'s done that day) would be:
manufacturer-JS Arms
location-Anytown PA
serial number-JS35172.

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Thank you so much for the information friends. If I decide to do it, do any of you know where to get it done?


The point of getting it serialized can be several reasons. Not everyone gets a p80 for the purpose of not having a serial number.

Me I have plenty of p80’s, so serializing one doesn’t defeat its purpose. Plus p80’s I have are all used as guns to use on range to not wear out my ccw guns components.

The main reason for me wanting one serialized is I ccw a oem glock, but enjoy shooting and possibly carring a p80 build. The p80 has a much better grip which equals much better groups.

Yes for those shrudes, you are legally allowed to carry a unregistered firearm. But that doesn’t mean 90% of police officers don’t even know what’s constitutional anymore. It’s not my job to teach them. Not to mention the additional cost and nightmare in the case I ever god forbid need to use it, A jury trial would make it an issue when it shouldn’t be, making me sound like a criminal carrying a unregistered firearm for ccw and trying to argue what my “intent” was. The truth us our judicial system is messed up, and spending my life savings on attorney fees to prove i’m right wont teach them anything. Carrying a registered firearm without a doubt will cause less problems in court and with police officers.

Please stop arguing why serializing is reasonable or not. It’s definitely not, but current events have changed what is considered reasonable unfortunately.

Aside from the engraving, for a legally registered firarm from the atf what is needed?

Has anyone done this with a form 1 to know the process?


I’ve done form 1s, but only for SBRs. It’s called “building” a firearm even though to normal folks it’s not building a firearm. But to ATF it is.

I would call ATF about building a handgun and registering it. I suspect they’ll tell you it’s a state thing and none of their business. But I’ve been wrong before.


That’s interesting :thinking:


You know…

you can serialize it all you want for whatever reason you want

Its still a Glock knock off :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

BTW, what exactly is a registered firearm?


Thank You!




ATF website has info on engraving S/N and such…


I’ve used Glock for plenty of years, even overseas.

Cutting the c***, they are literally the same s*** one just grips better.

One mans trash is another’s treashure.

tbh i’m still figuring out wth a registered firearm is too.

These days people are being criminalized for their constitutional rights, and having to shell out their life savings to prove their innocence.


Join USCCA attorney fees solved. Carry what you want. (Even if it’s Glocks inbreed brother :grin:)