Serpa holster for edc?

If you have any experience with this holster, please share.

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Blackhawk did make a holster without the retention system that I have had good luck with or you can look at bladeteck.

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Safariland makes a decent paddle holster, or paddle can be removed for use with a belt. And the retention is released by a button/lever by the grip, so is much easier to release then the Serpa.
About the same price depending on model…


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I have a Serpa paddle holster and don’t mind it. Overall they are decent but the lock mechanism can get gummed up if not careful. I know some trainers are adamant about the “no Serpa” carry in their classes here locally because of reported NDs with Glocks. I have one for my 1911 and personally don’t see the safety issue, but then again I also keep my finger well clear of the bang switch when drawing also.


No. No no no. The SERPA holster is unsafe.

If you want retention, go Safariland.

If you don’t, look into Dara, custom kydex from a local shop, or Blade Tech.

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How does this video show the Serpa unsafe? If you are talking about how the shooters trigger finger starts to crook the trigger then that is shooter error. I easily draw without doing that. It’s a matter of training and proper practice, not the fault of the holster itself. What that video show can easily happen with any holster with improper technique.

My biggest issue with the Serpa is that the retention mechanism can get gummed up with junk and prevent drawing. Seen this first hand in Iraq with the Serpa’s our BC’s PSD used.

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My point is, you do that without realizing it.

And the more stress you’re under, the more likely you’re going to do that. If you grab the holster at an ever so slightly wrong angle, the finger is going to slip in the trigger guard.

By using the SERPA, you have to push downward with your finger towards the trigger guard, it’s only a matter of time until you grab it at a slight angle and your finger slides down. The more stress, the more likely it’s going to happen.

There are no benefits of the SERPA design that are outweighed by other thumb activated holster designs.

It’s a matter of training. If someone does that with a Serpa then they will do it with another holster also. I never said the Serpa is a perfect, or even preferred holster; however, it is not the “boogeyman” that makes the sidearm ND. That is strictly user error/poor training/incompetence. My main complaint with the Serpa is that their retention set-up is very prone to staying locked up when the mechanism gets gummed up with foreign debris. Seen it overseas.

As I said earlier, I purposely train to keep my trigger finger well clear of the trigger and that is regardless of the holster type I use.

All that video proved was poor training/trigger awareness on the shooters part.

Use what you wish and train right with it IMHO.

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So by your own admission, it’s easy to create a ND. It’s as simple as having your finger less than a tenth of an inch in the wrong direction.

Can you guarantee that you’ll never make a mistakes within the margin of error of a tenth of an inch? Can you guarantee it under stress? Can you guarantee it while you’re in a hand to hand struggle with an attacker?

If you can’t, then get one of the far superior thumb activated retention holster designs.

There is no benefit to the SERPA design that isn’t outweighed by a thumb activated retention holster.

Tell you what slick. Instead of telling people what they should do, why don’t you stop acting like such a petty pissant.

Up to this point the conversation has been reasonable and respectful. Yet you, obviously being the type that must have his manhood validated by being “solely” right, come here and demand that others do as you do and think as you do. Guess what junior, you can go “Eff” yourself. Your acting like a joe ass five jump chump straight out of airborne school. Your ability to base your opinion on a poor youtube video means I give less than two damns what you think or what you want others to do.

In the meantime, I will continue to train using not only my Serpa but my other brands of holsters as well. I will also continue to use proper situational awareness and techniques of keeping my trigger finger off the bang switch until I know my weapon is on target. Hmmmm, sounds like I adhere to the tenet of “the safety is what is between my ears” and not looking to blame a piece of equipment for my piss poor performance.

This conversation is done between us you clearly are unable to hold conversations with those of differing viewpoints without completely showing your ass.



Why are you being so hostile?

Yes it has. So why did you resort down to personal attacks?

I guess you must know everything about me then.

No. I’m trying to alert people to an unsafe product to keep people from shooting themselves in the legs like many people have, even though they do train.

I thought it was supposed to be a reasonable and respectful conversation? Why are you acting like this?

It’s actually based on my own personal experience with the SERPA holster, and recognizing it is an unsafe design. It is also based on the opinion of many firearms experts and teachers who ban the SERPA from their classes as well as many state and federal agencies that ban the SERPA holster.

If you think that about my words, then what do you think about your own? If I am an ass for staying on topic, then what are you for flinging out name calling and aggressive verbiage?

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I’ve been using, on a daily basis for years, the Safariland 6378 series. It has performed without any problems, protects the pistol well and I have really put them through a lot of abuse including heat, cold, dirt and impact once landing on it after being thrown from a horse. For negatives I have two, 1. It’s bulky, not great for concealment 2. The paddle digs into my hip, I use the belt loop attachment.
I’ve used the serpa but not as extensively but without problems but I do find the belt loops somewhat thin and unlike the 6378 they feel hard and I have some concerns about them breaking especially in cold weather.

If the purpose is concealed carry, the Serpa is usually a poor choice as they tend to be bulky, printing too much under concealment garments. Most military units and many police agencies have banned them due to safety concerns.
Body types vary and finding one that fits your needs depends on knowing exactly what you want it to do for you. I choose pancake style outside the wasteland holsters when I’m not using pocket or ankle carry. I like leather backed with closely formed kydex or similar on the outside. I live where it’s really hot much of the year and leather is best next to my skin, while the man made material outer shell is rigid preventing the holster from collapsing when empty which is dangerous to re-holster. Inside the waistband is uncomfortable for me, I wish it wasn’t. I’d love to carry appendix IWB if I could but it won’t work.
You want a holster that works with any range of motion limitations you may have. Tall and thin, short and not, etc. all are considerations. I do best with holster that don’t have any locking devices. After decades of experience I want simple, simple is smoother, smoother is faster. As long as it has reasonable retention I’m good, I’m not running and gunning anymore and don’t need it to be strapped to me. If the weather is cooler, if you wear outer garments most of the year, that makes it easier. Most have a drawer or box full of holsters for different guns, with or without lights/lasers, etc., crossdraw, ankle, OWB, IWB and more resulting from different guns in different situations and a learning curve. That’s why you really need to think about exactly how you intend to use it and what you expect from it.

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wow someone stole my youtube SERPA DERPA video and put it on their channel. Oh well. Yeah the blackhawk rep and host bashed the world for not understanding proper training with their perfect holster then the rep demonstrated by drawing and slapping the trigger finger into the guard. This happens because the finger is naturally under tension when pressing the button to release the holster and any angle or misalignment of the flexible cheap holster, especially on a crappy belt, makes your finger line up with the trigger as the gun clears. I saw this phenomenon of human behavior and physics with other holster designs from Sig and other brands that used the same type of trigger finger button release design. This is not something unique to Blackhawk but is unique to this design. It’s an absolute proven factor that people touch the trigger, lucky most never realize it, just like this over confident expert in the video. Most people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about have over confidence. That’s natural human behavior. I believe Serpa makes two grades of plastic for this holster and the duty model could be slightly more rigid but this is NOT a great holster. Safariland has some great, and some very bad cheaper models. If you want to just buy a great holster check out small outfits like or you get what you pay for. A lot of boutique brands also suck though. If you want to shoot IDPA buy a Comp-Tac International or the cheaper made Bladetech. I can rip any paddle right off in struggle. Might want to carry a more sturdy belt attached. The International comes with both mounts but I wouldn’t carry any OWB unless it had some form of locked retention. The Safariland ALS is a great option but bulky. Good luck!!! Check too. I think the SquaredAwayCustoms Spartan IWB is one of the best carry models on the planet with the dual snap loops. It can be canted almost vertical for the same effect as an OWB but super tight to body with excellent draw grip.

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Hi 58marine.

I have a large box of all kinds of holsters…LOTS, but I can say with out a doubt that for holsters I would recommend a Green force tactical holster. I have been using them for years.




Ive started doing Mexican carry with a Glock. Its comfy and dosnt print barely at all.

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Hmm, sounds interesting

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I have a SERPA and have used it for years without incident, I have even tried to make my finger fall on the trigger and never has. But here’s the deal, I have long fingers and actually operate the release with the flat of my finger, about the point of the first joint from finger tip. So even with extreme pressure applied, my finger stays flat and when the weapon is drawn, my finger is straight aligned with the frame. Now those with short fingers may have an issue, as they will have to use the finger tip to release and therefor the finger is aligned directly with the trigger. Does the SERPA have it’s flaws, yes, but it does work for me without issue. It’s the same with firearms, some shoot a particular model fine, while others can’t. So while you are looking for a holster to fit your firearm, the holster has to fit you as well. Just my .02


I have never ever had an issue with mine either. if you train and have just even a little bit of Common Sense, the Serpa will serve you well!, though there are idiots out there that shouldn’t even have a stick so…