Seven Years After Brian Terry’s Murder: No Obama Official Held Responsible For ‘Fast & Furious’ Gunrunning




Hmmm, more of that old double standard - liberals not being held accountable while conservatives are.


I ask so called Americans on other forums all the time about Justice for him and all I get is, Who’s that ?


Sad… Most Americans are sheeple though so are you surprised?


not surprising to me, the average American is so wrapped up in paying a big mortgage, buying the latest iPhone, purse and keeping up with the Jones’s and what the karTrashians are doing that they are mostly idiot zombies who the Government loves…


100% correct.


So what has kept Trump’s administration from pursuing this?


Nothing to gain politically…


Oh, contraire! A perfect opportunity to further show the left’s MO and the levels they will stoop to harm America and Americans. The Trump admin should investigate and arrest EVERYONE responsible for this mess no matter how high it goes (Obama included).


They won’t do it because they would be afraid the next administration would do the same to them. But Trump should do it because he’s already screwed no matter what he does so he should stick it to all of them first .


Think Oliver North…
And he is now the figurehead of what…


A greedy self puffing organization that actually does not care about the 2A as much as they do money and fame.


Un fricken believable… wait. never mind…
What a cesspool…


Word of the day folks.



When the NRA hired a proven Liar and Oath breaker that was all I needed to know…North IMO is a POS who should have been Court Martialed and put away for 50 years…We have Soldiers in Prison who did way less…


But…but…he likes guns. So much so that he wanted to give them to others. He’s just a generous gun lover. Who better to head the NRA?

I’m feeling sarcastic today. I wonder what’s up with that.