Sew in pocket holster for an NAA mini-revolver?


Until I lose some weight I cannot conceal carry my Canik comfortably so in the mean time I’ll rotate between a NAA mini-revolver and something else (.357 snubnose) in the pocket(s).

SO! Is there such a thing as a sew in holster for pants pockets for something this small? I cannot find anything and my google-fu is weak.


I carry my NAA in my belt buckle.

Any gun that’s in a pocket, I would suggest getting a MIC holster for it.


I remember that. Pretty cool belt buckle. None would be the wiser. :male_detective:

I just bought these two. The first one is for my wife’s birthday. :cowboy_hat_face: And the second one is mine with my Q4 bonus money…which was a tiny amount.


What’s funny is secret service looked at it and said that would be cool if it was real. I giggled a bit.

The NAA .22 mag won’t fit in the buckle. It’s made for the .22lr but my .22 short fits. I’ve seen folding grips on them, which is really nice.

I’m on the list to get one of these.


Lifecard is developing a .22 mag, you should get on the list for that! :slight_smile:

Is MIC a brand name or a type of holster? Sorry, I’m a noob when it comes to holsters and such that aren’t life sized cowboy gun ones. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m on both lists.

A MIC holster is a type of holster that only covers the trigger. Has a cord on it you connect to a belt loop or something. You pull the gun out of your pocket and the MIC pulls off.




Gotcha! Thanks for that suggestion.


I have those.

About to alter the one so it can go on with the Olight.




Nice, the Olight is really nice, small, light weight, and bright. I like the magnetic charger.


That is very cool :grin:


Just get a sticky holster and sew it in.


I second :point_up: that.


The only thing with doing that is that it is not hard and the trigger can still be manipulated or snagged. Not likely but also not impossible :wink:


That’s why I really like MIC holsters for pocket carry, and when women carry in a purse. Although I’m not a big fan of purse carry.


I’m not either but I’m still “updating” my wardrobe and purse carry is sometimes my only choice other than not to carry (like that will happen :laughing: )


Always carry. My concern comes from watching my wife, she puts her purse down sometimes. I’m a firm believer in always having control of the firearm. And no, my wife does not purse carry.




John from Warrior Poet Society has a good video on big boy carry:

And Chris from Lucky Gunner Ammo has a great video against mini-revolvers:

In all seriousness, I highly recommend finding a way thats comfortable for you to carry your Canik. It is a much better tool for you than a mini-revolver would ever be. I’ve found that the holster is just as important as the gun you carry. So while it may be uncomfortable for you to carry the Canik, the reason may be because you don’t have a holster that works for your body style. Alien Gear, Crossbreed, Tier 1 Concealed, Squared Away Tactical, and G-Code all have multiple holster styles to give you options. If you’re trying to be budget minded, I would suggest Alien Gear. While its a high barrier to entry, they have a configureable holster system that lets you choose what you do and do not like. And I believe that finding a good holster now is cheaper than spending the money on a mini-revolver carry situation, then buying another holster later.

That ended up being a bit longer-winded than I originally wanted it to be, but I hope it helps!