Sexy Beast

Ok, at least a cute little Teddy Bear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was able to get a nice deal on a second hand set up from JIm, fantastic guy to deal with, and an extensive history in the reloading business,

I hope he shares some of it with everyone, he knows what its like as a firearms retailer to be pushed off from larger platforms and I hope we can set him up a home here :houses:

This is just a single stage press, great for a beginner I’m told, I was able to pick up a couple of dies to go along with it that fit my plans for loading 45 & 10mm

Exciting stuff!

Thank you JIm!


Very nice. I’m working on getting a large press all set up for .50bmg from Lee precision. Their manufacturing plant is about an hour from me. I’ll be driving down there to pick it up. That will be my fourth press.


Is that anything like pressing forth?


I’ve recently been thinking about getting back into reloading
I stopped several years ago when my son was born and commercial ammo was just plain cheaper to buy then components
Over the years I have always saved brass from range trips and quite a few Rubbermaid bins with cases In them
Maybe I’ll set all that stuff up again and teach the boy how to do it
At least it will keep him occupied while I work on things in the shop