Sharks with freekin laser beams - soon near you



Lol! “Instant carbonization” and “…the whole person will be set on fire.” I knew the myth of spontaneous human combustion would one day be proven real.

Gives new meaning to “open fire” and “light him up.”


just wait - someday these lasers will be mounted on drones and used wherever and for whatever the government wants to.

Then, that burning headache you get will be for real !

SCMP is a very good newspaper. This is probably legit.


You know, must have been someone from Hollywood (or the Chinese equivalent), that developed this. Why? Because it can fire 1,000 times without reloading - just like the Hollywood guns!




yeah, that would only affect the civilian version, you know


I smell bullshit. Non- lethal but can set your clothes on fire? Powered by a lithium battery like a smart phone? Can fire 1000 Times on a single charge? Seriously, the physics don’t work.

But in case I’m wrong, freakin sign me up!


The big question… will these sharks with laser beams need a water jacket and can like the old Vickers gun to keep them wet?




I don’t believe it is BS. SCMP is a very good and respectable newspaper. Also, if you do an internet search, you will find other sources backing up this story.

Now, the question is - will civilians (anywhere) ever get to own such things?


Young kid but seems to know his stuff.


Wow! This kid is quite impressive!

Ok, so let’s say that SCMP, et al, do not have kids like that helping them to confirm the story. And, let’s say China might have some propaganda mixed in with some new laser weapon news. Oila! We have our story!

Thanks, mquinn55, for sharing this. Best guess I have now is that the Chinese did develop a new laser weapon, just that some of their claims are not quite accurate. Who’d have thought (LOL)?