Shooting a revolver is not the same as a semi-auto


Ok, i keep watching your videos hoping that maybe it was a fluke. Nope, sound is low.

You make great vids, but they are hard to hear. Can you bump the volume up to 150% when editing? I was also thinking a clip on mic would be useful for you, maybe on a shoulder so we are not listening to the beard. :wink:


that and the frame rate on the beginning was a bit jerky almost like it was recorded in less than 30FPS or to low of ISO


I’m not sure why it looks like that. The master video is 1920x1080x30 and the master looks fine. Perhaps something happened when F30 processed the video.

As for the sound. I’ll see what I can do. I actually turned the sound down because it seemed so loud on my end. I’ll bump it up a bit more. I guess people can always turn down the sound on their end.

I just watched the video with my laptop. The sound is set to 60%. The sound in the video is a bit quieter than the advertisement. I’ll play around with future videos to match that volume.