Shooting Glasses for Eyeglass wearers


Newbie here. Can anyone recommend eye protection for prescription eyeglass wearers. My budget is around $50.00. Thanks for any help offered.


I just bought champion over spec glasses. Cabelas has them and they come with a microfiber bag as a bonus. Amazon has them but they did not come with a bag. If I remember correctly they are under $20. They fit well with no interference with my glasses.


Excellent, thanks

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Can I ask what color lenses you got and how do they work outdoors and indoors?

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I bought the clear. So far I have only used them indoors in my garage. My range is covered with a roof so I can’t report on using them in the sunlight. I’m going to the range next week while on vacation so I should have more information then.


Thanks and have a great vacation.

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Your welcome and thank you. It will be nice to have time to get the kids out to the range as well.


“Wiley x” makes great stuff. You can put the prescription lenses directly in their glasses. So you don’t have to wear a large pair over your regular glasses. This will
Cost more then your 50 budget. But it might be worth it in the long run.

Sometimes certain sunglasses. Bend the light in
A crazy way before it enters your eyes and I’ve seen people shoot several inches off, Just because of the glasses they used.
I had them take the glasses off and first shot was dead center. Kinda similar to shooting with non-Dominant eye sort of.

So my point is when you stack lenses like wearing safety glasss over your glasses. it could mess things up and there isn’t any way to tell until you get them and try it out.

Also if you get new lenses made keep in mind your shooting positions and how you look through the glasses.
A good pro gun eye doctor will let you bring your rifle
In and let you get into position. So They can see where your eye is when your in position. This will
Allow them to put the prescription
In the correct location in your new lenses.

Hope this helps you.



I hadn’t even thought about that but it makes sense. I keep wondering if shooting glasses on top of my eyeglasses is even necessary since so many just wear sunglasses.

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Some ranges want the lenses to be rated to take an impact. Others don’t care As long as you have something on. I think most lenses are impact rated. Unless it’s some gas station special.
I shoot on a private farm and I usually Dont wear glasses.



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I wear different sunglasses in bright weather, poly or trivex lenses. My reg. glasses are poly. Since you wear Rx, most of the shops use a poly lens. (it is cheaper then most materials, a bi-product of CR-39 lenses. Fit overs (cocoons) are not bad for an inexpensive option. My favorites are by Adidas (Silhouette Mfg.) The frames take user changeable lenses of different colors with a Rx insert in the back. When your Rx changes you just get the inserts changed not the entire glasses. They will be more then your 50.00, but in the long run have lasted me well over 5 years so far. They simply do not wear out. If you damage the colored lenses, they can be purchased separately. I have worked with Wiley’s and felt they were way over priced for what they were. As are many glasses. BTW, I am a board cert./state lic. optician, have been for over 25 years. The only reason I have tried so many is, I simply make them. A nice perk.


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Interesting info, Vmax1992. Hope I’m not hijacking this thread, but I’ve also been looking for safety glasses. Although I mostly wear contact lenses and use regular safety glasses with them, I’d still like to have the option of having prescription safety glasses, especially the wrap around kind like this:

But most of the wrap around frames I’ve found online go only as high as -5.00 for myopia. Is that because a high prescription lens on that kind of frame just can’t be made to fit or work properly?

Unfortunately, I have to wear the proverbial “coke bottle” glasses because of my high -10.25 prescription. I’ve always had the high index lenses with my glasses and don’t know if they make those out of polycarbonate or, if they don’t, whether they’re safe enough to protect my eyes.

Seems like my best option at the moment for prescription wear are the “fit overs” with the inserts that you mentioned. I googled them but am running into the same problem with the lack of high prescription lens availability.

I’ve also tried the regular fit-overs, which I really don’t like. Most of the ones I’ve worn feel kind of awkward and cumbersome, though, as I try to fit them over my glasses. I’m wondering if safety goggles may fit better? But I suppose I’d have to use some kind of anti-fog wipe on them given the humidity where I live.


For anyone else that may be interested, the link below claims that high index lenses will work as safety lenses if thick enough:


Hi Equin,
Over the past few weeks I have played around with different frames at the range. My Rx is mild but I do wear progressives. I still go for the Adidas with the changeable RX insert and changeable lens colors. I realize the insert doesn’t look very large,but I have no problem putting a progressive in. Also larger frame does not make for a larger field of view. And yes, I can prove it…LOL There is always someone who states they can see out the the edge…nope, you have simply accommodated. The optical center on a lens is only about he size of a Tylenol tablet and once you drift from that, you are no longer on power. Sorry, kinda went off topic. Fit overs are not the best, that is for sure. Also, I have yet to see an anti-fog work very well. When I lived in lower (slower) Delaware, fogging up was some of the norm. I just used a dab of shaving cream, then whipped off the excess. Worked fairly well, at least as good as the commercial stuff…and cheaper…LOL Good luck with your with your hunt for glasses.


Thanks for the insight Vmax. I’ve done some more searching, and from what I can gather the wraparounds, which to me provide the best protection, won’t work with high prescriptions, unfortunately. Apparently, the curvature of the lens coupled with the refractive properties of a higher prescription cause too much distortion and provide a “fishbowl” vision effect for those who’ve tried them. Looks like the nose piece RX inserts inside wraparound frames will have to do for those of us with real strong prescriptions that want the added protection those style of frames provide.

And yeah, I’ve had to suffer with fogging lenses, even down here in Texas. Will have to try that shaving cream trick of yours. Thanks.


Thanks good feedback


Just an update. I recently ordered Smith Ootics Aegis Arc Compact safety glasses with RX inserts from Should hopefully arrive in a few weeks. Will post my initial impression once I get them.


I just ordered new prescription safety glasses. They are thicker than normal polycarbonate and have side shields. I got large eye opening frame, which I normally have. I also got the focus distance at 25 inches, so my front sight will be in focus. This is also the distance I view a computer screen and use for woodworking, so this is a win, win, win for me.