Shooting Glasses for Eyeglass wearers


Let us know your impression when you get them, Tim. I thought of getting regular prescription frames with the side shield add-ons. I’m sure they’d look better and less “dorky” than the wraparounds with inserts, but I’m now at an age where facial aesthetics are less important than they were when I was younger.

Anyway, I was wondering what you meant by the large frame opening?


Also, forgot to ask about the 25" focus. Is that like a bifocal?



The large frame opening I referred to is larger lenses than average. My
Wal-mart readers have a lense 2" wide by 1" high, the glasses I ordered
have a lense 2.25" wide by 2" high. My computer glasses have the large
lenses and the 25" focus distance but they are not safety glasses. My
entire 27" monitor is in focus and I do not need to move my head to see any
part of the screen. Will let you know how my new glasses do when I get




Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the explanation. I wish I could get larger frames, but they not only look bad on my pin-head sized head, but my prescription is so high (-9.75), I need smaller frames to reduce the weight and thickness of the lens. I could get high index lenses, but I don’t think they’re safety rated like the polycarbonate ones.


Just bought a pair of rx sunglasses at Walmart with poly lenses and used them at front sight with no problems.


Finally got them in the mail. I got the Smith Optics Aegis Arc Compact safety glasses with a prescription insert. They came with a clear and a “smoke gray” lens. The lenses are very easy to swap, and the prescription inserts are also very easy to remove and re-install. Given my high prescription, I was afraid the insert lenses would be too thick, even with the high index lenses, and wouldn’t fit within the safety frame, but they fit fine. The outer safety lenses themselves are relatively thick compared to other safety glass frames but are still comfortable. I also had no trouble with ear protection - the ear cups fit fine. The “Compact” model is supposedly slightly smaller than the regular kind and designed for smaller heads/faces like mine (I have a 7 1/8" hat size for comparison). They don’t pinch and they’re not wide and loose on my head, at least not for now. Hopefully they’ll stay that way. All in all very pleased.


For some really nice sunglasses that will double duty as safety or shooting glasses, look at Gargoyles. They are over your budget, but if you can swing the extra cash, they are well worth the money. It seems like nothing will scratch those lenses. I used to do lawn care and I often had rocks bounce off my lenses while weed eating. When I bought my first pair about 17 years ago, the sales girl told me the lenses are the same material used in astronaut helmets. I don’t think she was lying because those rocks hit my glasses with some serious speed and force. Not even the slightest ding in the lenses. They make the world look better too. When you take them off, the world doesn’t look so clear,…kind of hazy. If you are military or a veteran, you can request a coupon code. I just got mine for 30% off. It’s a one time use, but I can purchase multiple products on that one order. My co-worker wants a pair, so I’m going to order his with mine and save him 30%.


I’ve one eye ,not from shooting!PLEASE WEAR eye protection.I can say for certain if you lose an eye you will miss it!even though we come with a spare.didnt lose my sense of humor.stuff can happen( see blown up Glock thread)