Shooting in Salt Lake Ends Utah Style

This is how we end a shooting punk in Utah.
Watch the Videos.

SALT LAKE CITY — A man is dead and an officer suffered minor injuries after shots were fired at a Salt Lake hotel and police chased a vehicle to South Salt Lake Monday morning, police confirmed.

Police responded to reports of shots fired at a Sheraton hotel near 150 W. 500 South about 10:45 a.m., Salt Lake Sheriff Rosie Rivera said.

Lauren Bennett, a Deseret News reporter, was in the parking lot of the McDonald’s across from the Sheraton hotel when she heard shots.

“It was terrifying,” she said. “From what I saw, he was just firing at the entrance of the hotel. He was in the driveway part at the front entrance of the Sheraton and just opened fire, shooting.

“It was absolutely rapid fire,” she added. "I don’t know guns very well, but I know that for a fact. It was like, ‘pop-pop-pop-pop-pop.’ It was very quick. … It was not intermittent at all.”

When officers arrived, they spotted a vehicle that was fleeing the scene and began pursuing.
Officers chased the vehicle across the city and along State Street as the driver fired a rifle out the window toward police, Rivera said. One officer suffered minor injuries from the ricochet of a bullet, but was not transported to the hospital. Nearby bystanders said they ducked for cover as they heard the shots.

The chase ended when the driver crashed into Princess Alterations at 3339 S. State St., according to Utah Department of Transportation cameras. He died on scene.

Rivera said there was an “officer-involved” shooting, but police would not say whether the man died from the impact of the crash, from an officer’s bullet or some other cause.

Officers had earlier received reports of an armed robbery at a Holiday Oil in Taylorsville, 2729 W. 4700 South, then received reports of another armed robbery at a 7-Eleven in Millcreek, 3330 S. 900 East, according to Rivera. One person received minor injuries during the armed robbery in Millcreek.

Minutes later, police received reports of the shooting at the Sheraton. Officers believe the three incidents are related, and there are now 15 crime scenes related to the incident throughout the city.


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Glad they saved tax payers time and money!


No free TV, No College Education, no free cell phone for this guy.
So far the witnesses interviewed have nothing but great praise for LE and pretty much the same attitude.
Broadcast news starts in about half an hour so we shall see if the Anti-Gun crowd crawls out from under their piles of shit.


I’d say that all 97 responding officers got at least one…if not two shots in on the perp.
Not quite sure they needed all 97 to approach the truck at the same moment…hard to keep proper muzzle discipline in those circumstances… but hey, it must’ve been a slow day in Northern Utah lol.

I’d hate to be the guy who has to determine which officers round/s actually finished the perp…the coroner definitely has his work cut out for him.

On another note; remind me to never piss off the Utah police…


They don’t play around in Utah. And that’s how I like it.


They don’t down here in AZ either…we just have fewer of them to cover a ton more violent shite.

Used to live up there. Left over 30 years ago…it’s definitely not the same place it used to be.


issue I see is first after putting it in righting then interviewing a witness that it was rapid fire." I mean it was like Boom boom boom boom rapid like realy fast". Second and we all know it will happen the police will be acused of excessive force. You he was a really nice guy they didn’t nee to kill him. They could have used non lethal force. Not my words but it will more than likely happen


" In 2003, he pleaded guilty to assault with substantial bodily injury, a Class A misdemeanor. As a part of the deal, two first-degree felony aggravated kidnapping counts and a second-degree felony robbery count were dismissed."

What the hell kind of deal is that!!!

This is what’s wrong with our justice system and why we have so many criminals who should be in jail, out roaming the streets commiting more crime.


^ This.


Thats the kind of deal that gets made when the defense attorney is old law school buddies with prosecution &/or the sitting judge. Fact, trust me!


I see the KSL report concentrated on rapid fire sensationalism.
And the mention of an AR-15.
I just hope the general public doesn’t feed in on the sensationalizing by the press.
KSL is an anti-gun media here.
That change took place some years ago when they banned firearms from their online classifieds.
No reason given or explained.
At least they pointed out the guy was a known criminal and some of his past.
Fox13 on the other hand never did what KSL did.
They just gave us the facts without the drama of what kind of gun or rapid fire BS KSL handed out.
I watch Fox for that reason.
This clown should have been behind bars years ago.
But our Justice system is full of lazy ass prosecutors and liberals as with everywhere else.
Plea Bargain is the norm in the courts anymore so they don’t have to do their jobs and keep a running win tally.
Want to overhaul a system? Start there and untie the hands of Judges and tell them damn prosecutors to do their jobs.


There are now 15 officers on Admin Leave.
I am sure not for long however.
I don’t see how anyone cannot say this wasn’t a justified action in any way.


Body Cam footage Released today.