Shooting Sports Month



It’d be cool to have another influx of shooters into the world of shooting sports.

Such a fun hobby and an excellent way to measure and improve shooting proficiency.


I’m looking into some matches, what would I need/ what is recommended to get started?

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Depends on the match, but ear/eye protection, holster that does not point rearwards, there are other specifics to holsters but to start in local and not sanctioned matches its enough if it just fits on your hip and not point back

ammo pouches but again when just starting and doing local you can likely get away with pocketing your mags

and typically at least 60 rounds ammo for IDPA, steel is usually 200, 8 stages of 5 shoots with 5 targets and USPSA is less than 200

sun protection, an attitude to learn and be safe and have fun!

(and range fees, bring cash)

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Depends on the match format.

IDPA and USPSA generally tend to be easy to get into, a lot of fun, and good starter matches.

If you have a holster, enough magazines, and mag carriers, don’t buy a single thing until after you shoot at least one match. While you’re at the match, tell your squad that you’re new and they will trip over themselves to help you out. Look at other people’s guns and gear and ask them about it. Gun owners love to talk about their guns, especially competitive shooters.

If you go out and buy a bunch of stuff before ever shooting a match, I guarantee that you’ll end up wanting to buy different stuff after your first match. Everyone does.

The shooting sports community is amazing and absolutely loves to help each other out. You’ll make lots of friends at local matches and they will be super eager to help you out.


Also, I would not recomend a serpa holster. I liked G-code and bladetech when shooting IDPA.

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I’ve used one of these for 1/2 dozen different pistols

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Alot of IDPA matches wont let you use them, not sure about USPSA. Supposedly too many NDs from bad finger placement after hitting the button.

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Local club,

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