[SHOT 2019] Condition Red’s Zero Dark Fifty, a 10lb AR Firing subsonic .50 BMG bullets


Thanks brother! I really wanted to geek out more too. I have HIGH hopes for this new rifle and the caliber. You and I will get our own show in soon.


You can’t tell @Robocop1051… I don’t know if he’s looked in the case yet, at what got driven back - but I drove back, too… :laughing:

That last one above on the right is the 911 dummy round. The NEXT TO LAST ONE… that’s way more stout than 911 grains… I’m just sayin’… :kissing_heart:


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There’s a lot of talk on the cartridge and the rifle, the ZERO DARK FIFTY… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the greatest news is that it wouldn’t exist, if there wasn’t a fully functional .338 Lapua Magnum gas piston AR to run it from. I feel another test run coming, at the SDTF (Secret Desert Test Facility)…


We’re going to need some bigger plates. I doubt @DNP is going to let us ruin any more.


The 338LM did a number on them last fall


I have a chewed up plate, too, from the 845… :rofl: It’s all worth it. Crush the same one again out there…


People on other sites keep bringing up the “Russian 12.7x55mm” in comparison to the 500 Blackout…

My 500Blk chamber is approximately 12.7x61mm… Just sayin’ :us: :us: :us:


Why, yes. Yes it is…


We’ll designate that one the “RoboPlate”…you can shoot it all you want. There’s more of those bunnies out there too. We’ll have to find a better backing…you barely left a mark in that little pink bunny last time.


I think I have the pic of that one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Found it!


No, wait… that was the rental truck, after we pulled it out. HERE is the bunny!!!

Here’s a list of the Full Shenanigans, if anyone is interested…


I sure am glad getting stuck was the worst part of that rental truck…

I mean, it made locking the keys in it almost not worth mentioning.


Sorry everyone…

In true 308AR.com fashion, my friends manage to completely derail a perfectly good thread.


I’m here for you, brother. FOR. YOU. :kissing_heart:


Don’t be trying to change the subject…deflect deflect…bring the wife next time and let her drive the truck.


I’m willing to assist with some testing this spring. :wink: Anything to help out a brother


That happens around here alot. I cant remember the last time I stayed on topic longer than 3 posts.


So to bring things back on track, yes Rob…you bring out the badass toys and I’ll bring all the cheap steel targets I can carry. Last year’s deal was a free bunny with every 1/2" IPSC for about $100. We had steel we didn’t even shoot last time…I’ll have to start working on some stands for this year.

Start buildin’ brass up for the 500. We’re going to need a lot of that this year - I get the feeling. I am pretty certain I don’t want to own a 500 Blackout…ok that’s a lie, but I know I want to shoot it.