SHOT Show Gun Thieves Arrested


The article says, “The two appeared in court to face federal charges of possession of a stolen firearm and possession of an unregistered firearm after authorities said they had stolen at least 65 firearms, including machine guns…”

“Both men were released on their own recognizance, though U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Koppe restricted them from possessing weapons while out of custody.”

Dafuq? :man_facepalming:


I didn’t even know a theft had even occurred!


So they steal guns, and the judge says, you can’t have any guns while out. Ya, that should work.


It’s like telling someone no drinking after a DUI as part of their pre trial agreement. It totally works. Every time.

Thieves are pretty low on the totem pole. Pieces of :poop:.


I agree @Tactical_Reviews and @ThisOldGun

Judges let the criminals roam free, while legislators go after law-abiding gun owners. Sad.


I knew about the robberies… but this is just dumbass for letting them run around free… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@SteelPinger , et al

Wow! These guys really did not do their homework! So, they stole (presumably new) guns without firing pins. Talk about a dead giveaway! And, they worked the SHOT show, not knowing about the missing firing pins?

Two more dumb criminals hopefully going to jail for their stupid crimes!