Shotgun refinish projects out of the norm.

How about some refinished shotguns, but not by normal means!


My daughter wanted a one of a kind .410. So we found a beater and refinished it. She sanded and stained the wood with Rit dye. Of course she needed a little help from dad. I did a polyurethane coat over the wood after she was happy with the color.


Looks sharp :+1:


funny how a simply colour will bring out / enhance the rest of the finish


Planned to have pics of @TacticoolSasquatch1776’s Princess Bride shotgun up today. This would be a great place for that. But, ever have one of those projects that everything falls apart on? That’s where that project is sitting. Even the brand new gun itself wasn’t having it. Magazine tube is out of round from the factory and inop. And, despite every effort, will not round back out. So, this unusual shotgun is on hold until Mossberg decides how to best handle their mistake. But, rest assured, it will be here as soon as possible.


The only issue I’ve had with a Mossberg, they sent me a shipping label within days and had the gun back within a few weeks. Hopefully they’ll get ya fixed up soon.


The 20 gauge on top is my wife’s Home defense shotgun, created it from a youth hunting shotgun.

This is my MKA1919 converted to a slug gun.

Turned an Ithica37 lightweight into a defensive shotgun. Its almost too light.

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