Shotguns, pump, break, bolt, semi. Lets see them


Here’s a couple of mine.


That’s a couple of beauties!!!



Brands? Models?

The picture is very nice. Now, for all us gun lovers drooling over it, details, please.


Lets see if I remember, The double barrel is a Ithaca, found it at a barn sale many years back. Looking up the serial number I was able to determine it was made about 1926.

The pump, if I remember right is a savage arms. That thing kicked like a pissed off mule. I ended up selling it.


Info from the other thread.

J.C Higgins 20ga bolt action (1949)
Remington 1100 featherlight 20ga semi-auto (198X)
Ithaca model 37 ultra featherlight 20ga pump (197X)

Cannot remember the years on the other two.


Tactical_Reviews, Mister_Torgue:

Ahhh, you guys are lucky. A gun I (sadly) parted with years ago was an Ithaca model 37 featherlight (12 gauge). I still miss that gun - it shot great and was a lot of fun! Also, looked great.

Now, why the heck did I sell it??? I can’t remember, but probably was something to do with needing to buy another gun…


I’ve only fired mine twice, one from each barrel. I saw it on the table and had to have it.



Understood. Still, you have a nice shotgun there. Hope you get to enjoy it much more.


The Ithaca model 37 is a blast to shoot even in 20ga, pun intended. The recoil is slightly more vs my Remington 1100 but is pretty manageable–for me. They kick harder than the Mosin so my wife will probably need to fully recover from her injury (minor car accident) before firing them.

I’m new to shotguns so I was surprised to learn both of these have plugs. I looked like an idiot at the range not knowing this and trying to load more than a couple shells… Now I gotta figure out how to remove them. Hah.



Removing the plug is easy. Just unscrew the cap at the end of the magazine tube. The plug will come out from there easily. Then, just screw the cap back on and you are good to go. Check owner’s manual for more details and any corrections needed to my comments.


Thanks John. I’ll do that when I get to cleaning it. :+1:


They look so cozy there. Where does the wife sleep?:wink:


Hah! Funny. :sleeping:


Mossberg 500 tactical 12ga adjustable stock 8rnd capacity


Winchester model 101 12ga & Nikko 5000-ll 20ga(gold eagle)


Savage 20ga rifled slug bolt action with Nikon 3×9 slughunter bdc scope. I’ve dropped deer as far out as 176yds & 279yds!


Over/under Baikal 12ga 26"barrel & Winchester model 1400 semi 12ga


Some great boomsticks in here guys! Keep em coming.


Is that Higgins rifled or smooth bore?


You know, I never checked. Haha. Dumb question, did they have rifled shotguns in 1949?