Shotguns, pump, break, bolt, semi. Lets see them


12ga isn’t all that pleasant to shoot for me. I like 20ga because it’s still powerful with enough loss of recoil to give me more range time. Still kicks when I send slugs down range but not anymore or less than a Mosin. The 12ga really does a number on my bum shoulder after a couple shots. Plus it’s the underdog and I like fighting with an underdog. :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree - 20 gauge is still powerful enough to do the job for most things and it does not kick so bad, either.

First time I went sporting clay shooting, I took a 12 gauge shotgun with no recoil pad and shot 50 shots (7.5 shot size). My shoulder was sore for days.

Nowadays, I pretty much just use a 20 gauge, shoot the same number of shots (though with a recoil pad), and my shoulder is only sore for that day.


I shoot with a 15 year old girl that might weigh 100 lbs.and I’ve seen her go 6 rounds of skeet and trap with a 12 gauge without whining about recoil.


Dude I hope you’re not insinuating anything.


I’m looking for a Ithaca mag 10 to hummingbird hunt with…


Don t get me wrong I own and shoot a .410 ,20 s and 12s.


Jtr, Mister_Torgue:

My sporting clay shooting buddy - a far better shot than me - taught me about how important a tight grip on the shotgun will help reduce the pain I feel in my shoulder. It definitely made a difference to hold it tighter (as more of the recoil just passes thru the shoulder into my body).

Perhaps this young lady you (Jtr) shoot with has a good grip on the shotgun? And, being young, no accumulated aches and pains (like I have!).

And, of course, a good recoil pad helps a lot, too.



I have no problem saying 98% of the people here are likely more skilled using shotguns than I am. Men, women and children. And that bothers me exactly 0.00%. :+1: So if some skinny teen girl out shoots and outlasts me with a 12ga good for them–and I mean that. Doesn’t bother me or make me any less of a badass either way.

So, for me it isn’t about not being able to handle the discomfort of the stout recoil it is about my choice to not have to take it if I don’t want to or feel the need to. I like shooting badass stuff, but for shotguns I prefer 20ga’s for more than just the recoil thing. I find I have better back on target acquisition and control with it after firing. I find 20ga more satisfying to shoot vs 12ga as well so there’s that. Also, I am not a shotgun guy despite the fact that I own 3 so this plays a HUGE part of my previous comment and my situation. Shotguns for me are 100% home defense weapons (and tools). Since 20ga will still tear someone the fuck up in a defensive situation I feel do not need a 12ga so what’s the point of me shooting them if I’ll never use one a tool? That’s my reasoning no matter how skewed it may sound. I just don’t enjoy shooting 12ga. The VEPR 12ga I was considering getting would of been a 100% investment safe queen. :smiley:

Having said all of this, I REALLY want to give a 10ga a go just to shoot something ridiculous because that’s how I roll. Just not back to back to back. Hah, shoulders (and knees) are made of arthritic paper mache’. :sunglasses:



I agree with your logic for preferring 20 gauge over 12 gauge. I am definitely moving in that same direction.

I am sure no one here thinks of you as anything less than bad ass.

Sorry if I sounded inappropriate in any way. I think highly of you and would not want you to get any other impression.


I figured as much. Which is the reason for my post. Not to say you said anything off kilter. It was just giving some info in to my psyche.


the furthest up the recoil ladder I have ever ventured was to fire 3.5 inch 12 gauge (buckshot or slug, don’t recall which). that was when I was young (in my 20’s), and it was too much for me (never fired it again after that).

so, good luck with the 10 gauge! no matter who you are, that will hurt a bit!


Saw a video from IV8888 and it looks like a … BLAST. See what I did there?



yeah, I like all his videos.

and yes, he often does include a ‘blast’ of some kind - helps make the videos even more entertaining.


by the way, I have fired a .375 H&H (borrowed from guy next to me on the rifle range) - I didn’t think it was all that bad. In fact, I am seriously considering buying one (CZ makes a real nice one for a very reasonable price). Then the guy shot an S&W .460 8.375 inch barrel, firing .460 S&W Hornady 200 grain bullets. It seemed to make an impression on him, though.

Funny thing about handgun recoil - if you let the recoil push your hands and arms up and back, the recoil is a breeze (no pain at all). Of course, this only works on full size handguns, but it makes the .460 S&W fun to shoot. Too bad you can’t use the same principle on rifles and shotguns.


I come at this from a target and hunting perspective A 12 will give you a better patterns in general. You can use a reduced load and still get a better pattern due to reducing pellet distortion.


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