Should Constitutional Rights be Age Restricted past 18? - BoomStick Tactical


What are your thoughts? I’m not a fan of these laws.


No, they should not. At age 18 we are considered adults. We can be tried in court as an adult. We can join the military and die for our country. You can get married, drive a car, get a full time job. It’s time we start raising our kids to be adults when they reach age 18, not keep raising the age someone is an adult.


I will also add drinking should be at age 18. When I turned 18 I could legally drink, Wisconsin was I believe the last hold out for adult hood.


I’m not very big on most of the laws we have in this country. I often feel we have turned into a police state. However, I’m a bit torn on the age limit. On one hand, 18 is old enough to fight and die for your country, but you can’t buy a damn beer or concealed carry & protect yourself until 21. While i do not like the mindless lack of thinking behind this & other laws, I also believe individuals mature differently. I know I did some stupid things in my later teens, I knew some who were less mature than I and I knew some that were also more mature than I was at that age. Then keep in mind the wild party years Once you turn 21. Alcohol can severely effect your judgement & common sense. A proper upbringing with safety and good morals followed with good training regimen could be very beneficial and help young people make the correct decisions & act responsible when they choose to take on the awesome responsibility of carrying a firearm. One could say young adults lack proper maturity and sense of judgement to carry a firearm. On the other hand, one could argue to remove the age restriction & Individuals whom do not act in a responsible, mature manner shall pay the price and suffer the consequences with the law.


Consistency is key here for me.

It is funny that the same people screaming there is a Rape Culture in the country will deny the right to defend ones (female for example) life and well being until they are out of college. Also they are the same people that would not allow that female to carry on campus (where they say Rape Culture is at its highest)…

It is inconsistent to believe that the same person can make a choice to put their life on the line for this country and our way of life and not be emotionally mature to own a firearm to defend their own life and liberty.




Damn, @switchpod
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How about FUCK NO


Even Better!


I would like some one to explain to me how it makes sense that we can have an 18 and in some cases a 17 year old person to go to War and fight for the rights and freedoms for our country and foreign countries with everything from a A1 Abrams to a M4 to even a pistol. And in the same hypocritical breath tell that young man that he is not legally old enough to own a pistol, etc, etc.
An 18 year old can be tried for murder 1, but not have their Adult rights?

This is a problem. We treat our adults like children and then we wonder why they act like children…

I left home at a very early age an boy was that an eye opener and it also made me extremely responsible extremely fast.


In a truly free society, there would be no restrictions for anything other than a person’s actions.
Everything else would be out of reach and forbidden to government intervention.


The answe is simple
Hell no
For all the reasons that others have stated as well as so many more
Unfortunately we live in a time where our constitution has been unraveled and shit upon by liberals and conservatives alike
The true meaning if it has warped to fit whoever is interpreting it and there ultimate goals
It is expressly written that it is the supreme law of the land and nothing superceeds it
But we all know this is not true
Other wise why would he have things like the patriot act or the ndaa
Our freedoms are stripped away more and more everyday under the premise of saftey and security
It’s not just about one right gentleman
It’s about all the rights we have not just being able to carry or buy a pistol
It’s about our way of life
Freedom isn’t free it’s been fought for and died for over the life of our country
And we as adults are slowly watching it die


Couldn’t of said it better myself. Either make EVERYTHING 18 or EVERYTHING 21. Pick one and stick to it. I think 18 is fine enough.


Exactly my line of thinking.


Absolutely not.


The constitutional infringement on a young person’s rights is nothing more than a liberal, emotional, knee- jerk reaction. There is no logical, rational reasoning for being an adult at 18 but you’re still restricted to the really adult stuff until 21.


This exactly.


My thoughts exactly!


Its just another way to undermine the 2nd Amendment


If you are legally an adult at 18 you should have access to anything any other adult has access to. That includes beer/booze, voting, military, buying guns, conceal carry…

When I was 18 I could legally buy booze.